Global Climate Change


From: Trenberth K. E., 2001: Stronger Evidence of Human Influence on Climate: The 2001 IPCC Assessment, Environment, 43, 4, pp. 8-19. (cover story). ( This article was published in Environment, May 2001, Volume 43, Number 4, pages 8-19. ©Heldref Publications, 2001. Posted with permission.)


Climate System

Description of the various components of global climate change. - From 1995 IPCC.


Earth's radiation

Description of the radiation budget. - From 1995 IPCC.


Modeling the climate system

Components of the climate system and the interactions among them, including the human component. All these components have to be modeled as a coupled system that includes the oceans, atmosphere, land, cryosphere and biosphere. GCM, General Circulation Model. - From Karl and Trenberth, 2003.


Global temperature versus carbon dioxide

Global temperature and its relationship with carbon dioxide for the years 1860-2009. - Updated from Karl and Trenberth, 2003.


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