ECMWF WCRP II daily surface data

SOURCE: Data Support Section Dataset ds111.2 2.5 degree grid

DATA DESCRIPTION: ECMWF TOGA advanced operational analysis surface data set.

: Dec 2000

FORMAT: CCM2 History Tape (Jan 1985 - Dec 1997); NetCDF (Jan 1998 - Dec 2000)

GRID: Global - T42 Gaussian (128 x 64)

LEVELS: Surface

TIMES: 2 times daily: 00Z, 12Z.

CURRENT HOLDINGS: January 1985 - December 2000


Description Name Units Levels
10 m Zonal Wind Component U10 m s-1 10 m
10 m Meridional Wind Component V10 m s-1 10 m
Surface Temperature ST K surface
2 m Temperature T2 K 2 m
2 m Dewpoint DP2 K 2 m
Surface Temperature ST K all
Mean Sea Level Pressure PMSL Pa msl
Surface Pressure PS Pa surface
Surface Geopotential PHIS m2 s-2 surface
Orography (surface type flag) ORO



2=sea ice



Filename: ET42yymm where yy=year, mm=month one month (2 time steps per day) per volume.

e.g. ET428501 contains data for Jan 1985. where yyyy=year, mm=month one month (2 time steps per day) per volume.

e.g. ET42199801 contains data for Jan 1998.

Missing Days and Comments on Data Quality

Please use the ccm2nc software to convert ccm history tape format to netCDF.