ISCCP ftp information


  • download" + nline + \ ftp anonymous cd pub/data/D2/ binary prompt passive get mget d3* quit
  • bin2nc.ncl read the equal ISCCP binaries use 'dsread' to create 2.5 grid create netCDF files
  • (optional) most efficient is to: ncrcat ISCCP.*.nc (this failed once so I did the following) ncrcat ISCCP.198*.nc ncrcat ISCCP.199*.nc ncrcat ISCCP.200*.nc ncrcat \ 'rm' 'rm' 'rm' in T42 dir ncrcat ISCCP.[12]* in T63 dir ncrcat ISCCP.[12]*
  • gridInterpolate.ncl interpolat the 2.5 grids to T42/T63
  • gridCompare.ncl Read data from the 2.5, T42 and T63 grids select variables plot global view at specified time(s) plot a time series
  • gridTimeSeries.ncl create time series of specified variables (a) at specified grid point; (b) global averages
  • gridClm.ncl climatologies of specified variables.
    • use gridClm.ncl on,, or
    • use gridClm.ncl_addfiles on ISCCP.[12]*.nc, ISCCP.[12]*, ISCCP.[12]*