MSU Long-term means

SOURCE: MSU Monthly Means

UPDATED THROUGH: 1994 (varies)


GRID: Global - T42 Gaussian (128 x 64) and 2.5 degree (144 x 72)

LEVELS: Single Level

TIMES: Average of a given month over several years.

CURRENT HOLDINGS: Dec-Jan 1979-1994


Description Name Units
Channel 2 Temperature CH2T K
Channel 2R Temperature CH2R K
Channel 4 Temperature CH4T K

MSS Directory:

  • /CTSAT/MSU/T42/SAVTAV/ (T42 grid)
  • /CTSAT/MSU/2.5DG/SAVTAV/ (2.5 degree grid)

Filename: where MMM=month, y1=starting year, y2=ending year; one mean per file.

  • e.g. for mean of Januaries 1979-1994
  • Also: and

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