MSU Monthly Means

SOURCE: Data Support Section Dataset ds701.0

UPDATED THROUGH: 1994 (varies)

FORMAT: CCM1 History Tape and netCDF

GRID: Global - T42 Gaussian (128 x 64) and 2.5 degree (144 x 72)

LEVELS: Single Level

TIMES: One mean per month. (168 or more time steps (months) per file.)

CURRENT HOLDINGS: January 1979 - 1994 (final month varies):


  Description Name Units
Temperatures: Channel 2 Temperature CH2T K
  Channel 2R Temperature CH2R K
  Channel 4 Temperature CH4T K
Anomalies: Channel 2 Anomalies CH2TANOM K
Channel 2R Anomalies CH2RANOM K
Channel 4 Anomalies CH4TANOM K

NOTE: The anomalies are calculated relative to the 1982-1991 annual cycle. These files contain some missing values (1e36).

MSS Directory:

  • /CTSAT/MSU/T42/CCM1H/ (T42 grid)
  • /CTSAT/MSU/2.5DG/CCM1H/ (2.5 degree grid)

Filename: where Y1=starting year (1979), Y2=end year (1991, 1992, 1993 or 1994) X=T for temperatures, X=A for anomalies The ".nc" suffix indicates a netCDF file.

  • e.g. 7992A contains anomalies for 1979 - 1992.

Comments on Data

Please use the ccm2nc software to convert ccm history tape format to netCDF.