Table 4.2
COADS: Variables and Derived Quantities
Slutz et al, 1985
# betaObserved Variable
1S sea surface temperature
2A air temperature
3W scalar wind
4U vector wind eastward component
5V vector wind northward component
6P sea level pressure
7C total cloudiness
8Q specific humidity


9R relative humidity
10D S - A = sea-air temperature difference
11E (S - A)W = sea-air temperature difference w ind magnitude
12F Qs - Q (saturation Q atS) -Q
13G FW - (Qs)W (evaporation paramet er)
14X WU
15Y WV (14-15 are wind stress parameters)
16I UA
17J VA
18K UQ
19L VQ (16-19 are sensible and latent heat transport parameters)

1d mean day-of-month of observations
2h hour statistic of observations
3x mean longitude of observations
4y mean latitude of observations
5n number of observations
6m mean
7s standard deviation
80 0/6 sextile (the minimum)
91 1/6 sextile (a robust estimate of m-1s)
102 2/6 sextile
113 3/6 sextile (the median)
124 4/6 sextile
135 5/6 sextile (a robust estimate of m+1s)
146 6/6 sextile (the maximum)