CAS Featured Topics

Links to images, data and recent publications of featured research from members of the Climate Analysis Section. Such topics include: Climate Information Systems, various climate indices (such as SOI, NAO, PDSI, etc.) water and energy budgets and more! Continue to check back, as this site will be updated quarterly.

Updated: August 2010.

Climate Information System

Climate Information Systems : Information in regards
to the need for a climate observing system

Climate Indices : Various indices, including AMO,
Niño 3.4, TNI, PDSI

TNI timeseries
North Atlantic Oscillation

North Atlantic Oscillation/Northern Annular Mode :
Links to observational data, including images

Water Budgets: Information on the hydrologic cycle,
runoff and PDSI

Hydrological Cycle

Energy budget

Energy Budgets: Information on the energy budgets,
including transports and missing energy

ENSO: Includes information on historical episodes
as well as relevant references

Reanalysis products

Reanalysis products : Information on the reanalyses,
including ERA-40 and JRA25

Global Climate Change: A discussion of the need for a climate
observing system and other relevant publications

Global Climate Change
Hadley Circulation and heat budget in the subtropics
Hurricanes and Climate Change: What is the relationship?
Hurricane Featured Topics
Tropospheric Biennial Oscillation and Asian-Australian Monsoon
Recent Publications: Publications from members
of CAS from August 2009 - July 2010