CCSM3 atmosphere daily field list

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atm short name atm long_name atm units Levels Time average type
CLDTOTVertically-integrated total cloudfraction1A
FLNSNet longwave flux at surfaceW/m21A
FLUTUpwelling longwave flux at top of modelW/m21A
FSDSDownwelling solar flux at surfaceW/m21A
FSNSNet solar flux at surfaceW/m21A
ICEFRACFraction of sfc area covered by sea-icefraction1A
LANDFRACFraction of sfc area covered by landfraction1A
LHFLXSurface latent heat fluxW/m21A
OCNFRACFraction of sfc area covered by oceanfraction1A
OMEGA500Vertical velocity (pressure) @ 500mbPa/s1A
PHISSurface geopotentialm2/s21A
PRECCConvective precipitation ratem/s1A
PRECLLarge-scale (stable) precipitation ratem/s1A
PRECSCConvective snow rate (water equivalent)m/s1A
PRECSLLarge-scale (stable) snow rate (water equivalent)m/s1A
PRECTMXMaximum (convective and large-scale) precipitation ratem/s1X
PSSurface pressurePa1A
PSLSea level pressurePa1A
Q850Specific humidity @ 850mbkg/kg1A
QFLXSurface water fluxkg/m2/s1A
SHFLXSurface sensible heat fluxW/m21A
SNOWHLNDWater equivalent snow depthm1A
SRFRADNet radiative flux at surfaceW/m21A
T300Temperature @ 300mbK1A
T500Temperature @ 500mbK1A
T850Temperature @ 850mbK1A
TAUXZonal surface stressN/m21A
TAUYMeridional surface stressN/m21A
TREFHTReference height temperatureK1A
TSSurface temperature (radiative)K1A
U200Zonal wind @ 200mbm/s1A
U300Zonal wind @ 300mbm/s1A
U850Zonal wind @ 850mbm/s1A
UBOTZonal wind at lowest levelm/s1A
V200Meridional wind @ 200mbm/s1A
V300Meridional wind @ 300mbm/s1A
V850Meridional wind @ 850mbm/s1A
VBOTMeridional wind at lowest levelm/s1A
Z300Geopotential Height @ 300mbm1A
Z500Geopotential Height @ 500mbm1A
Z700Geopotential Height @ 700mbm1A