CCSM3 ocean monthly-mean field list

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The grid descriptor, DIJK, consists of four integers. The first indicates the dimensionality ("D") of the field (2-D or 3-D). The three integers which follow identify the i,j,k-grid upon which the field resides, where a value of "1" specifies the tracer grid and a value of "2" specifies the staggered velocity grid.

POP short name POP long_name POP units Grid
ADVSVertically-Integrated S Advection Tendencycm*g/g/s 2110
ADVTVertically-Integrated T Advection TendencydegC*cm/s 2110
BSFDiagnostic barotropic streamfunctionSv2220
EVAP_FEvaporation Flux from Couplerkg/m2/s2110
FWFreshwater Fluxcm/s2110
HBLTBoundary-Layer Depthcm2110
HDIFSVertically-Integrated Horz Diff S Tendencycm*g/g/s2110
HDIFTVertically-Integrated Horz Diff T TendencydegC*cm/s2110
HMXLMixed-Layer Depthcm2110
IAGEIdeal Ageyears3111
LWDN_FLongwave Heat Flux (dn) from CouplerW/m22110
LWUP_FLongwave Heat Flux (up) from CouplerW/m22110
MELT_FMelt Flux from Couplerkg/m2/s2110
MELTH_FMelt Heat Flux from CouplerW/m22110
MOCMeridional Overturning CirculationSv[1]
N_HEATNorthward Heat transportPW[2]
N_SALTNorthward Salt transportg cm^3/kg/s[2]
PDPotential Density Ref to Surfaceg/cm33111
PREC_FPrecipitation Flux from Coupler (rain + snow)kg/m2/s2110
QFLUXInternal Ocean Heat Flux Due to Ice Formation; heat of fusion > 0 or ice-melting potential < 0W/m2 2110
QSW_HBLSolar Short-Wave Heat Flux in the bndry layerW/m2 2110
QSW_HTPSolar Short-Wave Heat Flux in the top layerW/m2 2110
QStatic Stability (d(rho(p_r))/dz)g/cm43111
RESID_SFree-Surface Residual Flux (S)kg/m2/s2110
RESID_TFree-Surface Residual Flux (T)W/m22110
RHOIn-situ Densityg/cm33111
ROFF_FRunoff Flux from Couplerkg/m2/s2110
SALT_FSalt Flux from Coupler (kg of salt/m^2/s)kg/m2/s2110
SENH_FSensible Heat Flux from CouplerW/m22110
SFWFVirtual Salt Flux in FW Flux formulationkg/m2/s2110
SHF_QSWSolar Short-Wave Heat FluxW/m22110
SHFTotal Surface Heat Flux, Including SWW/m22110
SSHSea Surface Heightcm2110
SUVertically Integrated Velocity in the grid-x Directioncm2/s2220
SVVertically Integrated Velocity in the grid-y Directioncm2/s2220
TAUXWindstress in the grid-x Directiondyne/cm22220
TAUYWindstress in the grid-y Directiondyne/cm22220
TBLTMinimum Boundary-Layer Depthcm2110
TEMPPotential TemperaturedegC3111
TFW_SS flux due to freshwater flux (kg of salt/m2/s)kg/m2/s2110
TFW_TT flux due to freshwater fluxW/m22110
TMXLMinimum Mixed-Layer Depthcm2110
UESSalt Flux in the grid-x Directiong/g/s3211
UETHeat Flux in the grid-x DirectiondegC/s3211
UVELVelocity in the grid-x Directioncm/s3221
VNSSalt Flux in the grid-y Directiong/g/s3121
VNTHeat Flux in the grid-y DirectiondegC/s3121
VVELVelocity in the grid-y Directioncm/s3221
WTSSalt Flux Across Top Faceg/g/s3112
WTTHeat Flux Across Top FacedegC/s3112
WTUTop flux of Zonal Momentumcm/s23222
WTVTop flux of Meridional Momentumcm/s23222
WVELVertical Velocitycm/s3112
XBLTMaximum Boundary-Layer Depthcm2110
XMXLMaximum Mixed-Layer Depthcm2110

[1] - This field is on a special 4-dimensional grid:time, transport_region, transport_comp, lat_aux_grid
[2] - This field is on a special 5-dimensional grid:time, transport_reg, moc_comp, moc_z, lat_aux_grid