Akira Kasahara                        

Akira Kasahara is a Senior Research Associate in the Climate Dynamics and Predictability (CDP) section in the Division of Climate and Global Dynamics (CGD) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).  He can be reached by telephone at 303-497-1373 or by email at kasahara@ucar.eduakira.gif (77788 bytes)


1) Numerical weather prediction (NWP)

General circulation modeling of the atmosphere
Numerical methods for NWP models
Data initalization, including diabatic effects
Handling of cumulus parameterization in NWP models

2) Atmospheric dynamics

Free oscillations of the atmosphere
Application of Hough functions
Planetary wave propagation
Frontal cyclone theory
Nonhydrostatic normal modes

3) Tropical cyclone research

Genesis mechanism
Movement theory
Impact of global warming

In December of 1999, Dr. Kasahara was recognized for his 33 years of service to NCAR.

Dr. Kasahara's CV [PostScript] [PDF]

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