MDTF Variability Diagnostics


ENSO-precipitation diagnostic package consists of four levels. With a focus on identifying leading processes that determine ENSO-related precipitation anomalies, main module of the POD estimates vertically integrated moist static energy (MSE) budget and its variance analysis to account for relative contribution of each MSE term to column MSE. In that pursuit, POD is applied to monthly data (climate model or reanalysis products), and budget terms are estimated for “composite” El Niño or La Nina events (either for monthly or seasonal anomalies). To estimate MSE budget, along with surface and radiation fluxes, 3-dimensional atmospheric variables are required. Hence, ERA-Interim is “considered” as “observations” here, and diagnostics obtained from ERA-Interim are used for model validation. In this general document, brief descriptions of the four levels of the POD are provided but detailed information (e.g., input variables) is provided at each level. For the four levels of diagnostics, selected results are illustrated here as an example.

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Composite plots plots

moist static energy budget plots

moist static energy variance plots