title>NCAR TN-391: CCM2 Datasets and Circulation Statistics

NCAR TN-391: CCM2 Datasets and Circulation Statistics

I. Introduction

The algorithms defining the NCAR Community Climate Model, Version 2 (CCM2) were frozen in October 1991. During the succeeding year, the code underwent further development to increase its efficiency and clarity. All components were thoroughly documented in the process. The model code was frozen and released for general use in October 1992. The history tapes from the primary control runs were also made available for community use then. Since that time a significant number of additional simulations have been made with the basic model. These include simulations at different resolutions than the one at which the model was developed and simulations with different specified sea surface temperatures. In addition, a simulation with the optional BATS land surface model has been carried out. While these experiments were run, various condensations of the original history tapes were also made, and various circulation statistics were calculated and saved. These simulations and condensations represent a large investment of computing resources and provide a valuable data base for further analysis by the diverse group of CCM researchers interested in a wide variety of problems. All these simulations are now available for open, general use. This technical report documents the data from these simulations and condensations.

The algorithms defining CCM2 are detailed in Hack et al. (1993). That technical note also provides a complete list of references to papers that provide the developmental background for many of the components in CCM2. The User's Guide by Bath et al. (1992), provides technical details of the model and history files. The code itself is documented with inline comments.

II. T42 Simulations, Climatological Sea Surface Temperature (SST)

A. T42, 20-Year Simulation, Case 388

B. T42, 10-Year Simulation, Case 414

III. T42 AMIP Simulations, Analysed SST

A. T42, 10-Year Simulation, Case 389A

B. T42, 10-Year Simulation, Case 422

IV. T42 simulation with BATS, Climatological SST

A. T42, 10-Year Simulation, Case 426

V. Simulations at Other Resolutions, Climatological SST

A. R15, 10-Year Simulation, Case 421

B. T21, 10-Year Simulation, Case 415

C. T31, 10-Year Simulation, Case 416

D. T63, 5-Year Simulation, Case 392

E. T106, 4-Year Simulation, Case 417

VI. Eddy Statistics History Tapes

VII. Time Filtered History Tapes

VIII. Acknowledgements

IX. References