Changes to LSM to compare runs on two machines

In my previous message on compiler options and port validation of CCM3, I
inadvertently left out two LSM code changes that are necessary when comparing
runs between 2 machines.  These changes will be included with the next
release of CCM3 (a few months from now), but can be retrofitted into CCM3.2
in the following way:

1) In lsmzen.F, change the line which reads:

         mcsec = (calday - int(calday)) * 86400.


         mcsec = nint((calday - int(calday)) * 86400.)

2) In laktem.F, change the line which reads:

                if (rhow(j,k) .gt. rhow(j+1,k)) then


                if (rhow(j,k) .gt. rhow(j+1,k)+1.e-4) then

Jim Rosinski
CCM Core Group