ccm3 using both SMP and MPI

Subject: ccm3 using both SMP and MPI
From: Norm Wood (
Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 09:25:33 MST


I'm interested in finding out if anyone has had success running
ccm3.10.11.brnchT.366physics.4 on dual-processor linux boxes using
Portland Group's PGF90 compiler.

I've been attempting to compile and run the model on a single, dual-
processor linux (kernel 2.4.12) machine. If I compile the code without
MPI and without SMP support, it seems to compile and run without a hitch.

If I add SMP support (via the "-mp" flag to the PGF90 compiler),
the compile proceeds without errors, but the run throws a segmentation
fault almost immediately. The atm.log.* file is written to the point
where almost all of FLDLST is reported (the fields included in the primary
history file), but it's interrupted with a line like:

  max rss=0 shared mem=0 unshared data=0 unshared stack=0

then the segmentation fault occurs.

When I run the PG debugger on the code, it gets as far as the
"read(5,ccmexp)" statement in data.F90, then hangs. So I haven't
yet been able to identify the location in the code where the
segmentation fault is occurring.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Norm Wood

Department of Atmospheric Science Colorado State University phone: 970-491-3334

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