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Appendix A: Glossary

branch run A type of continuation run of the CCM. A branch run starts a new case using the restart files from a previous model run.
case A term used to denote a model experiment, including one initial run and as many continuation runs as required to conclude the experiment. A model case is cataloged using the CASEID namelist variable, which appears in word 1 of the character (second) history file header record.
CCM Community Climate Model; one of a series of codes produced at NCAR for use in making climate predictions.
CCM Processor A program available from the CCM Core Group which post-processes CCM history files on the NCAR computing system. Currently it is available, but not supported (Buja, 1992).
ccm2nc CCM to netCDF history file converter program. Reads in a CCM history file and outputs an equivalent netCDF file.
CSM Climate System Model.
cpp C preprocessor.
continuation run A type of run that uses a restart file from a previous run to initialize the data fields (no initial dataset is read). Restart and branch runs are each possible types of a continuation run.
distributed memory Multi-processing on multiple CPU's using the SPMD programming model.
DOM Data Ocean Model. Ocean component of stand-alone CCM that reads in SST information from an input dataset.
ECMWF European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasts
FFT Fast Fourier Transform.
gzip GNU decompression utility similar to UNIX uncompress. Takes a file and inflates it to it's full size so that it can be used. Files are compressed to save disk space and save on network file transfer times.
header file A file containing common blocks and variable declarations and named with a ".h" suffix (e.g. comhst.h).
heap Memory that is dynamically allocated by the system. Unlike stack memory, heap memory can be allocated or de-allocated at any point during program execution.
history file A binary dataset that is the primary output for field values generated by the model during the course of a time integration.
LSM Land Surface Model
MSS The NCAR Mass Store System.
multitasked A program configured to execute on more than one central processor simultaneously.
netCDF Network Common Data Format. Self describing, platform independent binary data format (created by UNIDATA).
out-of-core Refers to the use of secondary storage instead of main memory.
packing A process optionally applied to output history file data, which compresses the values according to a specified density. Data can be packed either 2, or 4 to 1.
pcnst Number of advected constituents carried in the model.
plat Number of Gaussian latitudes on the transform grid.
plev Number of vertical model levels.
plon Number of longitudes on the transform grid
MPI Message Passing Interface. A standardized library for distributed memory parallel processing.
restart run A type of continuation run of the CCM. A restart run continues a previous run from its point of termination, by reading most recent restart
single-threaded Parallel-processing term. Refers to code that executes on only one processor. 
SDS Secondary Data Segment, a file management method available via UNICOS software for use on the SSD.
shared-memory Parallel-processing term. Refers to using a machine where multiple CPU's share the same memory.
SLT Semi-Lagrangian Transport.
SOM Slab Ocean Model.
SPMD Single Program Multiple Data.
SSD Solid-State Storage Device, a very high-performance secondary storage device.
stack Memory local to a subroutine or function.
transform grid A grid used to evaluate all nonlinear and diabatic forcing terms in physical space.

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