CSM Distribution.

The CSM Source Code Distribution.

1. CSM1.0 June 03 1996.

CSM1.0 is the first generation of the Climate System Model, a comprehensive coupled model of the Earth's climate system. In this first release, CCM1.0 is designed to be run at T42 resolution for the atm/lnd and 2*2 degree for the ocn/ice on the NCAR CSL Crays (antero, aztec or piaute).

1. Automatic CSM1.0 install:

To automatically install and run the CSM1.0 model, logon to one of the NCAR CSL Crays and enter the command:


2. Standard CSM1.0 install:

To install and run the CSM1.0 model by hand, download the following tar files and follow the installation instructions.

1. Download the Entire CSM1.0 source code distribution (904K bytes).


1. Read the README.CSM1.0 file.
2. Read the README.INSTALL file.
3. Download the driver source code only ( 65K bytes).
4. Download the atmosphere source code only (500K bytes).
5. Download the ocean source code only (267K bytes).
6. Download the ice source code only ( 46K bytes).

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