port validation for xlf

The new xlf compiler is currently (7 August 2003) installed only on babyblue. To validate that CAM built with this compiler produces the same simulation as CAM built with the current production compiler (xlf the following tests were done. On blackforest a perturbation growth curve was produced for each dycore at production resolution (T42 for the spectral dycores and 2x2.5 for FV). These curves are labeled as "bf perturbation" for each dycore (eul, fv, and sld) in the plot below. Next, a set of curves was generated for a run on blackforest differenced with a run on babyblue. The difference growth curves are labeled "bf-bb difference" for each dycore.

The similarity of the perturbation and difference growth curves for each dycore validates that CAM built with the xlf compiler is producing the same simulation as CAM built with xlf

NOTE: the cam2_0_2_dev25 source contains 2 patches. The first is to avoid the "len_trim" bug in the current installed version of The second is a bug fix to radcswmx provided by Andrew Conley.