Table 1a:
The coefficients for the parameterization of the geometric mean radius as a function of relative humidity for different lognormal size distributions of H2SO4 aerosol.
r_{g}  ln(sigma_{g})      a_{1}        a_{2}        a_{3}        a_{4}       a_{5}
0.02      0.3           1.897E-01   -3.127E-01   -1.154E+00   -1.803E+00   3.730E-01 
0.05      0.2           5.169E-01   -2.552E-01   -1.120E+00   -2.081E+00   4.140E-01 
0.05      0.3           5.329E-01   -2.519E-01   -1.118E+00   -2.099E+00   4.167E-01 
0.05      0.5           6.056E-01   -2.400E-01   -1.112E+00   -2.171E+00   4.271E-01 
0.05      0.7           6.587E-01   -2.337E-01   -1.108E+00   -2.221E+00   4.342E-01 
0.05      0.8           6.850E-01   -2.303E-01   -1.106E+00   -2.247E+00   4.379E-01 
0.07      0.3           6.071E-01   -2.408E-01   -1.112E+00   -2.169E+00   4.266E-01 
0.10      0.3           6.705E-01   -2.319E-01   -1.107E+00   -2.231E+00   4.354E-01