Table 1b:
The coefficients for the parameterization of the geometric mean radius as a function of relative humidity for different lognormal size distributions of (NH4)2SO4 aerosol.
r_{g}  ln(sigma_{g})      a_{1}        a_{2}        a_{3}        a_{4}       a_{5}
0.02      0.3           3.164E-01   -1.128E-01   -1.073E+00   -1.694E+00   2.854E-01 
0.05      0.2           4.935E-01   -1.057E-01   -1.055E+00   -1.887E+00   3.266E-01 
0.05      0.3           5.168E-01   -1.036E-01   -1.054E+00   -1.916E+00   3.317E-01 
0.05      0.5           5.423E-01   -1.023E-01   -1.051E+00   -1.946E+00   3.376E-01 
0.05      0.7           5.532E-01   -1.034E-01   -1.050E+00   -1.957E+00   3.406E-01 
0.05      0.8           5.630E-01   -1.035E-01   -1.049E+00   -1.969E+00   3.432E-01 
0.07      0.3           5.432E-01   -1.033E-01   -1.051E+00   -1.947E+00   3.382E-01 
0.10      0.3           5.658E-01   -1.030E-01   -1.049E+00   -1.973E+00   3.437E-01