Table 2b:
The coefficients for the parameterization of the standard deviation as a function of relative humidity for different lognormal size distributions of (NH4)2SO4 aerosol.
r_{g}  ln(sigma_{g})      b_{1}        b_{2}        b_{3}        b_{4}       b_{5}
0.02      0.3          -2.163E+00   -2.982E-01   -1.085E+00   -5.488E+00   1.309E+00 
0.05      0.2          -4.640E+00   -3.675E-01   -1.088E+00   -1.297E+00   4.077E-01 
0.05      0.3          -4.982E+00   -3.892E-01   -1.094E+00   -9.802E-01   3.066E-01 
0.05      0.5          -5.559E+00   -3.956E-01   -1.097E+00   -9.231E-01   2.978E-01 
0.05      0.7          -6.187E+00   -4.054E-01   -1.095E+00   -1.099E+00   3.844E-01 
0.05      0.8          -6.561E+00   -4.135E-01   -1.095E+00   -1.061E+00   3.795E-01 
0.07      0.3          -5.342E+00   -3.967E-01   -1.093E+00   -9.486E-01   2.933E-01 
0.10      0.3          -5.831E+00   -4.170E-01   -1.096E+00   -8.255E-01   2.604E-01