Aerosol Transport

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Dust Storm over Pacific
during April

Pacific Dust Storm

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MATCH, a Model of Atmospheric Transport and Chemistry.

MATCH is an offline transport model developed primarily by Philip Rasch (NCAR), Brian Eaton (NCAR), Natalie Mahowald (MIT/UCSB), and Mark Lawrence (MPI-Mainz), with smaller contributions by many others. The base model has been developed at NCAR and C4 (the Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate at Scripps Institution of Oceanography), a Science and Technology Center. Both NCAR and C4 are funded by the National Science Foundation.

This web site is intended to document the model, facilitate communication between users, and show some applicatons for the model.

To stay abreast of past and present developments, I encourage you to subscribe to the MATCH mailing list.

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Last Modified 11 July 2002