This is the info file for the CCM (Community Climate Model) mailing list, coming to you from the mailing-list server. The "" site is also known as ""; use the latter host address if you have problems with "".

The ccm-users discussion group is an open e-mail forum for rapid exchange of information, ideas, and topics of interest relating to the various versions of the NCAR CCM (Community Climate Model) and the CCM Modular Processor. This includes sharing software tools, datasets, programming tips and examples, as well as discussions of questions, problems and workarounds. The primary motivation for the establishment of this list is to facilitate and encourage communication _between_ the users of the CCM.

This mail group will also be used to distribute announcements related to the CCM and CCM Modular Processor. These announcements will continue to be posted on the NCAR shavano (/ccm/news) and crestone (/crestone/u1/ccm/news) news directories and will generally contain information on software updates to the CCM or the Processor, bug fixes, notices of meetings or upcoming events, and so forth.

The ccm-users mail group is unmoderated (i.e. it is not moderated by NCAR staff, although activity will be archived). Any message sent to the ccm-users group will be automatically forwarded to all other members of the ccm-users group. Since the members of this mail group are professionals whose time is very valuable, please make a concerted effort to keep the subjects on topic, the volume low and the quality high. The quality of this mail-group can only be maintained by the efforts and personal integrity of the individual members.

Documented bug reports should be handled through the normal reporting channels via e-mail to

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