Run Specifications: b40.1850.track1.05deg.001

New Run Information 

Scientific Lead: gent

Software Engineering Lead: mvertens

Assigned to: mai
Date Requested: 29 July 2009

Case Creation Information (* all fields are required)

   Case Name:  b40.1850.track1.05deg.001

   CCSM tag: ccsm4_0_beta19

   Machine:  kraken

   Compset:  B_1850_TRACK1
   Resolution: f05_g16

Pre-Configuration Information

   Runtype: startup

   env_conf.xml mods

    (*) None

   env_mach_pes.xml mods
    (*) ask Jon or use the 1 degree setup on jaguar as a first guess

    Final PE layout:







Post-Configuration Information


 (*)  modifications to clm.buildnml.csh after it has been created 
      (these files will have to be brought over from NCAR)

SourceMods Information

 (*)  Use SourceMods from b40.1850.track1.1deg.005
      - ask Cecile and Rich if they anything should be changed and/or added 
        for CAM) ***
      - ask Erik if still need 
teMod.F90 (not needed -- this mod has been incorporated into beta19)

Special Instructions

 (*) None

Pre-Run Instructions
  (*) run create_production_test to see if 1 month restarts work
Run Instructions

  Run Length: 20 years

Additional Information

 (*) None

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Run Checklist

For any nonstandard (not out-of-the-box) production runs, complete the
following Run Checklist.

   Component         Liaison        Date Approved

      atm              rneale         ----

      cpl              kauff          ----

      ice              dbailey        ----

      lnd              erik           ----

      ocn              njn01          ----

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