Run Specifications

General Information

   Purpose of Run: Beginning control run at half-degree resolution.

   Scientific Lead: meehl

   Software Engineering Lead: trey

   Assigned to: adrianne
   Date: 2010-11-18

   Run Length:  20 years
Case Creation Information (all fields are required)

   CCSM tag:   cesm1_0_beta10

   Case Name:  b40.1850cn.hdeg.006

   Machine:    jaguarpf

   Compset:    B1850CN
   Resolution: f05_g16

Pre-Configuration Information

   Runtype: hybrid
   [if hybrid, specify RUN_STARTDATE, RUN_REFCASE, and RUN_REFDATE]
   [if branch, specify                RUN_REFCASE, and RUN_REFDATE]


   env_conf.xml mods 

xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id RUN_TYPE -val hybrid
xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id RUN_REFCASE -val b40.1850cn.hdeg.init.006
xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id RUN_REFDATE -val 0000-01-01
xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id RUN_STARTDATE -val 0000-01-01
xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id CAM_NAMELIST_OPTS -val cldfrc_rhminl=.92,cldfrc_rhminh=.70,cldwat_icritw

   env_mach_pes.xml mods
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_ATM -val 640
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTHRDS_ATM -val 6
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id ROOTPE_ATM -val 0
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_LND -val 64
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTHRDS_LND -val 6
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id ROOTPE_LND -val 640
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_ICE -val 640
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTHRDS_ICE -val 6
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id ROOTPE_ICE -val 0
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_OCN -val 64
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTHRDS_OCN -val 6
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id ROOTPE_OCN -val 704
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_CPL -val 640
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTHRDS_CPL -val 1
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id ROOTPE_CPL -val 0
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_GLC -val 640
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTHRDS_GLC -val 1
xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id ROOTPE_GLC -val 0

Post-Configuration Information


  * none other than above

SourceMods Information

  * Copy "models/atm/cam/src/physics/cam/cloud_fraction.F90" to "SourceMods/src.cam/cloud_fraction.F90" and edit the file as follows.
  Change: sh1 = 0.04_r8
  To:     sh1 = 0.10_r8

Performance/Cost Estimates

  * not sure
Special Instructions

  * Copy initialization/restart files from here:

  * Run 20 years. Then Christine Shields will need to check the tuning.

Pre-Run Instructions

  * Run create_production_test
  * Run debug smoke test

  * Add NCAR Software Levels info to checklist 

Run Instructions

  Run Length: 20

  Account key:  CLI717

  Priority/Targeted queue: 


Diagnostics Plan

  * From Christine Shields:


	run diags on lens:
	example diag scripts: diag_devcam4.csh
	example diag wrapper for script for batch queue on lens:

	timeseries (for runs longer than a few year):

	(my way of doing things...not necessary the best or most


	this script requires that ann averaged files have already been
	computed... using

	this script runs (not in the codedir) but in the scratch
	space (copy over to scratch space) where your history files
	are located...
	ex:  /tmp/<>/history_files_dir
	then annual files wil be place in
	/tmp/<>/history_files_dir/annual (where you hand create annual

	these diags create tar files...then scp tar files over to
	cgd space... and untar and post.

Additional Information

  * Contact me (Trey) after first successful job so I can check the logs.

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Run Checklist

Complete the following checklist prior to beginning the production run:

1.  Update status file: /web/web-data/cseg/ccsm4_0_runs/b40.1850cn.hdeg.006/status.html:

2.  Document NCAR software levels at beginning of run (use the spinfo command on bluefire)

3.  Complete the following table, as necessary, showing
    the component liaison's name and the date the setup
    was approved.

   Component         Liaison/                     Date Approved

      atm            [hannay,eaton,other]             ----

      cpl            [kauff,mvertens,tcraig,other]    ----

      ice                 dbailey                     ----

      lnd            [erik,slevis]                    ----

      ocn            [njn01,bates,gokhan]             ----

      env_ file      [mvertens,other]                 ----

      data           [strand,other]                   ----

4.  Create_production_test completed   [who,when] 

5.  Debug smoke test completed [who,when]

6.  Performance review completed [who,when]

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