Run Specifications

General Information

   Purpose of Run: Preperation simulation for Last Millennium CMIP5 run (TIER1
   CCSM4 Last Millennium 850-1850). This
   run is a short B-case simulation with 850 conditions, writing high-frequency output that
   can be used to drive an I-case CLM/CN simulation to stabilize the land
   carbon pools (if necessary).

   Schematic of experiment setup:

   Scientific Lead: Bette Otto-Bliesner

   Software Engineering Lead: Laura Landrum

   Assigned to: landrum
   Date: 2010-05-27

   Run Length:  30y
Case Creation Information (all fields are required)

   CCSM tag:   ccsm4_0_beta53

   Case Name:  b40.850hf.1deg.001

   Machine:    bluefire

   Compset:    B_1850_CN
   Resolution: f09_g16

Pre-Configuration Information

   Runtype: hybrid 
   RUN_REFCASE = b40.1850.track1.1deg.006 
   RUN_REFDATE = 0301-01-01 
   env_conf.xml mods 

        xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id RUN_REFDATE -val 0301-01-01
        xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id RUN_STARTDATE -val 0850-01-01
        xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id CCSM_CO2_PPMV -val 279.265

   env_mach_pes.xml mods
        xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_CPL -val 320
        xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_GLC -val 1
        xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_LND -val 128
        xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_ICE -val 320
        xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_ATM -val 448
        xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_OCN -val 64
        xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id ROOTPE_LND -val 320
        xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id ROOTPE_OCN -val 448

Post-Configuration Information


       Trace Gases for Last Millenium run are taken from the table submitted
by F. Joos for the PMIP2 Last Millenium specifications (http://pmip3.lsce.ipsl.fr/)
CO2 and CH4 0-1849 are from Law Dome Ice data filtered with 40 yr cut off and
offset of 16 ppb to merge with GISS global data 
(http://data.giss.nasa.gov/modelforce/ghgases/GHGs.1850-2000.txt). NO2 data
are spline fit through various ice cores and also from Joos PMIP3 table.

 	OLD:  ch4vmr         = 791.6e-9
 	NEW:  ch4vmr         = 674.6e-9

	OLD:  n2ovmr         = 275.68e-9
 	NEW:  n2ovmr         = 266.9e-9

Solar constant for 850 taken from Vieira, Krivova and Solanki reconstruction
(links from PMIP3 website: http://pmip3.lsce.ipsl.fr)then patched to the TIM 
adjusted, 1850 Wang (Wang, Y-M., J. Lean, and N.R. Sheeley Jr., 2005,
Modelling the Sun's magnetic field and irradiance since 1713, Astrophys. J.,
625, 522-538) using a 0.9965 conversion factor.
        OLD:    solar_const =  1360.89
        NEW:    solar_const = 1360.88


        OLD:    orb_iyear_ad  =  1990
        NEW:    orb_iyear_ad  =  850

	OLD:    histaux_a2x3hr  = .false.
	NEW:    histaux_a2x3hr  = .true.		! hi-freq output

SourceMods Information

Land cover data per PMIP3 protocol from Pongratz(Pongratz, J., Reick, C.H.,
Raddatz, T. & Claussen, M.,2008. A reconstruction of global agricultural areas and
land cover for the last millennium. Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 22, GB3018,
doi:10.1029/2007GB003153). Vegetation types were converted to appropriate RCP
landuse and landcover by Peter Lawrence and Erik Kuzek. Files for 850 are:


Performance/Cost Estimates

  component       comp_pes    root_pe   tasks  x threads (stride) 
  ---------        ------     -------   ------   ------   ------  
  cpl = cpl        320         0        320    x 1       (1     ) 
  glc = sglc       1           0        1      x 1       (1     ) 
  lnd = clm        128         320      128    x 1       (1     ) 
  ice = cice       320         0        320    x 1       (1     ) 
  atm = cam        448         0        448    x 1       (1     ) 
  ocn = pop2       64          448      64     x 1       (1     ) 

  total pes active           : 512 
  pe count for cost estimate : 256 

  Overall Metrics: 
    Model Cost:             550.14   pe-hrs/simulated_year (scale= 1.00) 
    Model Throughput:        11.17   simulated_years/day 
Special Instructions

per Sam Levis:  Might be worth looking at the trends in NEE and TOTECOSYSC out
of step 1 before starting step 2, in case the 850 climate is not that
different from the 1850. Then you could possibly skip step 2. 

Pre-Run Instructions

  * create_production_test completed
    llandrum PASS on 4 June 2010
  * debug smoke test completed
    llandrum PASS on 3 June 2010

  * Add NCAR Software Levels info to checklist 

Run Instructions

  Run Length:  30y

  Account key:  93300417 

  Priority/Targeted queue:  regular

  Other: TOTECOSYS C: ambiguous whether or not an I-run is necessary; running
for another 10 yrs AND different account (csm science)
  Run Length:  10y

  Account key:  93300324

  Priority/Targeted queue:  regular

  Other: Decided I-run unnecessary - yet a bit more to equilibrate C,N pools. 
         histaux_a2x3hr to .false.

  Run Length:  60y

  Account key:  93300324

  Priority/Targeted queue:  economy

Diagnostics Plan

  land diagnostics after 30 yrs.  Check trends in NEE and TOTECOSYSC.
  Trends in NEE, TOTECOSYSC, TOTECOSYSN pools suggest no need for I-run
  Running without high frequency coupler output now for another 60 yrs (total
100) then will check C, N pools
Additional Information

  Check trends in NEE and TOTECOSYSC; if similar to 1850, we may be able to
  skip the I-case simulation and use this as the starting point for the full
  Last Millennium experiment.

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Run Checklist

Complete the following checklist prior to beginning the production run:

1.  Update status file: /web/web-data/cseg/ccsm4_0_runs/b40.850hf.1deg.001/status.html:

2.  Document NCAR software levels at beginning of run (use the spinfo command on bluefire)

	NCAR SOFTWARE LEVELS: Fri Jun  4 14:07:44 MDT 2010.
	AIX:                  bos.mp    
	CSM:                  csm.core  
	LoadLeveler:          LoadL.full
	GPFS:                 gpfs.base 
	VSD:                  rsct.vsd.vsdd
	POE:                  ppe.poe   
	PESSL:                pessl.rte.smp
	ESSL:                 essl.rte.smp
	FORTRAN:              xlfrte    
	PERL:                 perl.rte  
	C:                    xlC.rte   

3.  Complete the following table, as necessary, showing
    the component liaison's name and the date the setup
    was approved.

   Component         Liaison/                     Date Approved

      atm            [hannay,eaton,other]             ----

      cpl            [kauff,mvertens,tcraig,other]    ----

      ice                 dbailey                     ----

      lnd            [erik,slevis]                    ----

      ocn            [njn01,bates,gokhan]             bates 6/7/10 11:48AM

      env_ file      [mvertens,other]                 ----

      data           [strand,other]                   ----

4.  Create_production_test completed   [who,when] 
    landrum - bluefire - 04June2010

5.  Debug smoke test completed [who,when]

    landrum - bluefire - 03June2010

6.  Performance review completed [who,when]

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- Surface dataset:  simyr850 surface dataset created by PLawrence and EKluzek
	: surfdata_0.9x1.25_simyr0850_c100527.nc

- Problem:  Need to create an initial condition file that conforms to
  the new surface dataset.  The vector length of the 850 landuse/landcover
  file will not match the 1850 vector lengths.

  Therefore I need to create a short 5day startup experiment with the
  new surface dataset.  The 5-day run will create an initial condition file
  consistent with the 850 landcover.  We use interpinic to overlay the
  spunup 1850 variables  onto the 850 landcover.

  Step 1 - Create 5 day startup experiment to create new clmi file consistent
	with new surface dataset:  

	create_newcase -case /ptmp/nanr/b40.850.interpinic 
		       -res f09_g16 -mach bluefire
	               -compset B_1850_CN


  Step 2 - interpinic - Must check out entire clm tag b/c interpinic has dependencies
  with files in clm2 directories outside of tools/interpinic directory.

       bluefire: ~nanr: svn export https://svn-ccsm-models.cgd.ucar.edu/clm2/trunk_tags/clm4_0_06/ ./clm4_0_06

	Spunup 1850 inic:  b40.1850.track1.1deg.006.clm2.r.0301-01-01-00000.nc
	New 850 inic:      b40.850.interpinic.clm2.r.0001-01-06-00000.nc
	be1005en.ucar.edu-/blhome/nanr/clm4_0_06/models/lnd/clm/tools/interpinic %
  	./interpinic -i ~/b40.1850.track1.1deg.006.clm2.r.0301-01-01-00000.nc 
	             -o ~/b40.850.interpinic.clm2.r.0001-01-06-00000_b40.1850.006veg.100529.nc 
 	Mapping clm initial data from input to output initial files
 	Add SVN_version and Id to global file attributes
 	input numcols =  45689  output numcols =  45694
 	input numpfts =  277769  output numpfts =  277774
 	input numldus =  28110  output numldus =  28110

- use new init condition file


        OLD:  finidat = 'b40.1850.track1.1deg.006.clm2.r.0301-01-01-00000.nc'
        NEW:  finidat = 'b40.850.interpinic.clm2.r.0001-01-06-00000_b40.1850.006veg.100529.nc'
        OLD: fsurdat = '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/lnd/clm2/surfdata/surfdata_0.9x1.25_simyr1850_c09**.nc'
        NEW: fsurdat = '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/lnd/clm2/surfdata/surfdata_0.9x1.25_simyr0850_c100527.nc'

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