Run Specifications

General Information

   Purpose of Run: CMIP5 (TIER1 CCSM4 Last Millennium 850-1850) Last
Millennium simulation. Boundary conditions (trace gases, solar irradiance,
Volcanic aerosols, Landcover/landuse change are per PMIP3 protocol.

   Scientific Lead: Bette Otto-Bliesner

   Software Engineering Lead: Laura Landrum

   Assigned to: mai
   Date: 2010-07-27

   Run Length:  1001y
Case Creation Information (all fields are required)

   CCSM tag:   cesm1_0_beta05

   Case Name:  b40.lm850-1850.1deg.001

   Machine:    bluefire

   Compset:    B_1850-2000_CN
   Resolution: f09_g16

Pre-Configuration Information

   Runtype: hybrid  
   RUN_REFCASE = b40.850hf.1deg.001
   RUN_REFDATE = 0953-01-01

   env_conf.xml mods 

   xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id RUN_TYPE -val hybrid
   xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id RUN_STARTDATE -val 0850-01-01
   xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id RUN_REFDATE -val 0953-01-01
   xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id RUN_REFCASE -val b40.850hf.1deg.001
   xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id CCSM_CO2_PPMV -val 279.265

   env_mach_pes.xml mods
   xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_CPL -val 160
   xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_GLC -val 1
   xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_LND -val 64
   xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_ICE -val 160
   xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_ATM -val 224
   xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTASKS_OCN -val 32
   xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id ROOTPE_LND -val 160
   xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id ROOTPE_OCN -val 224
   xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTHRDS_ATM -val 2
   xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTHRDS_LND -val 2
   xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTHRDS_ICE -val 2
   xmlchange -file env_mach_pes.xml -id NTHRDS_OCN -val 2

Post-Configuration Information

      xmlchange -file env_run.xml -id DOUT_L_MS -val TRUE
      xmlchange -file env_run.xml -id DOUT_L_MSROOT -val '/CCSM/csm/$CASE' 


  % vi Buildconf/cice.buildnml.csh        

SourceMods Information

  * [put any special SourceMods instructions here]

Performance/Cost Estimates

  * 14.3 SYPD
Special Instructions

  Landuse/landcover change files need to be updated every 250 simulation years. 
  Run 850 to January 1, 1100 with clm_inparm in clm.buildnml.csh: 
    fpftdyn = '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/lnd/clm2/surfdata/surfdata.pftdyn_0.9x1.25_hist_simyr0850-1100_c100804.nc'
    fsurdat = '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/lnd/clm2/surfdata/surfdata_0.9x1.25_simyr0850_c100527.nc'
  Stop on January 1, 1100. Change clm_inparm in clm.buildnml.csh:
    fpftdyn = '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/lnd/clm2/surfdata/surfdata.pftdyn_0.9x1.25_hist_simyr1100-1350_c100804.nc'
    fsurdat = '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/lnd/clm2/surfdata/surfdata_0.9x1.25_simyr1100_c100804.nc'
  Run until January 1, 1350. Change clm_inparm in clm.buildnml.csh:
    fpftdyn = '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/lnd/clm2/surfdata/surfdata.pftdyn_0.9x1.25_hist_simyr1350-1600_c100804.nc'
    fsurdat = '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/lnd/clm2/surfdata/surfdata_0.9x1.25_simyr1350_c100804.nc'
  Run until January 1, 1600. Change clm_inparm in clm.buildnml.csh:
    fpftdyn = '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/lnd/clm2/surfdata/surfdata.pftdyn_0.9x1.25_hist_simyr1600-1850_c100805.nc'
    fsurdat = '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/lnd/clm2/surfdata/surfdata_0.9x1.25_simyr1600_c100805.nc'

Pre-Run Instructions

  * Run create_production_test
  * Run debug smoke test

  * Add NCAR Software Levels info to checklist 

Run Instructions

  Run Length: 1001 years

  Account key: 93300417

  Priority/Targeted queue:  regular


Diagnostics Plan

  * Run 30 years then do standard diagnostics; difference of 30-year averages every 200 years
    (1049, 1249, 1449, 1649, 1850) vs corresponding years from b40.1850.track1.1deg.006 control

Additional Information

  *  Major changes to cam.buildnml.csh include:
      Adding atmospheric forcing file locations for solar irradiance (TSI),
      greehouse gases, volcanic aerosols:
         solar_data_file  =  '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/atm/cam/solar/SOLAR_TSI_VK_Lean_849-2007_annual_c100806.nc'
         prescribed_volcaero_file = 'IVI2LoadingLatHeight501-2000_L18_c20100518.nc'
         bndtvghg = '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/atm/cam/ggas/ghg_pmip3_850-2007_annual_c100517.nc'
      Changing ozone, aerosol interpolated, transient forcings to cyclical:
         prescribed_ozone_file = 'ozone_1.9x2.5_L26_1850clim_c090420.nc'
         prescribed_ozone_type = 'CYCLICAL'
         prescribed_ozone_ymd = 18500101
         prescribed_aero_type = 'CYCLICAL'
         prescribed_aero_ymd = 18500101
         prescribed_aero_file = 'aero_1.9x2.5_L26_1850clim_c090420.nc'
         aerodep_flx_file = 'aerosoldep_monthly_1850_mean_1.9x2.5_c090421.nc'
         aerodep_flx_type = 'CYCLICAL'
         aerodep_flx_ymd  = 18500101
      Adding cam_inparm QREFHT to fincl2
      Adding cam_inparms:
         modc_sw_cdcore = 1  
         modc_hs_cdcore = .false.  
         modc_send_cdcore = .false.  
         modc_mxreq_cdcore = -1  
         modc_sw_dynrun = 1  
         modc_hs_dynrun = .false.  
         modc_send_dynrun = .false.  
         modc_mxreq_dynrun = -1  
         modc_sw_tracer = 1   
         modc_hs_tracer = .false.  
         modc_send_tracer = .false.   
         modc_mxreq_tracer = -1   
         modc_tracers = 3   
         modc_onetwo = 2   
         geopkblocks = 3   

  *  We want to delete the CFC computation and output from the ocn (this was not done
     until 23 Aug 2010 10:40, model date 0925-01-01):
       Delete the charcters " cfc" from line 80 (OCN_TRACER_MODULES) of
       Re-build and re-submit

Setup Overview

CLM Forcing Files 

Nanr Notes

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Run Checklist

Complete the following checklist prior to beginning the production run:

1.  Update status file: /web/web-data/cseg/ccsm4_0_runs/b40.lm850-1850.1deg.001/status.html:

2.  Document NCAR software levels at beginning of run (use the spinfo command on bluefire)
NCAR SOFTWARE LEVELS: Thu Aug 12 20:47:15 MDT 2010.
AIX:                  bos.mp    
CSM:                  csm.core  
LoadLeveler:          LoadL.full
GPFS:                 gpfs.base 
VSD:                  rsct.vsd.vsdd
POE:                  ppe.poe   
PESSL:                pessl.rte.smp
ESSL:                 essl.rte.smp
FORTRAN:              xlfrte    
PERL:                 perl.rte  
C:                    xlC.rte   

3.  Complete the following table, as necessary, showing
    the component liaison's name and the date the setup
    was approved.

   Component         Liaison/                     Date Approved

      atm            hannay                          08/19/2010

      cpl            kauff                           08/16/2010

      ice           dbailey                          08/16/2010 

      lnd            slevis, kluzek                  08/11/2010

      ocn            norton                          08/05/2010

      env_ file      [mvertens,other]                 ----

      data           strand-CAM                       08/05/2010

4.  Create_production_test completed   mai  2010-08-11

5.  Debug smoke test completed         mai  2010-08-11

6.  Performance review completed [who,when]

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NOTE:  16aug10 (pers comm Erik Kluzek): 
        The griddata file used to create the surfdataset and the pftdyn file is	
	not the same griddata file used in the transient experiment. 

	-- 1850 Control, b40.lm850-1850.1deg.001:
	-- LM Surface Dataset, pftdyn, and 850hf spinup: 

        However, to maintain consistency with the 1850 control, we used the
	griddata file used by that experiment (070212.nc).  Differences between
        the two griddata files are roundoff level (10e-14) and within CLM tolerance for gridfile differences.  

        Notably, griddata differences are influential for the surface dataset, making it important to use
        the same griddata file to create the surface datasets.  The inconsistency
        btween griddata files should have RO level effect on the simulation.

Starting at 0925-01-01-00000 we recompiled without CN? to allow for quicker computation and smaller pop.h.
history files. Performance improved from 13.1 SYPD to 14.2 SYPD.

Starting at 1200-01-01-00000 we changed the run script slightly at line 96:

   mpirun.lsf /contrib/bin/ccsm_launch /contrib/bin/job_memusage.exe ./ccsm.exe >&! ccsm.log.$LID


   mpirun.lsf /contrib/bin/ccsm_launch /contrib/bin/job_memusage.exe ./ccsm.exe >&! ccsm.log.$LID
   mpirun.lsf /contrib/bin/ccsm_launch /contrib/bin/job_memusage.exe ./ccsm.exe >>&! ccsm.log.$LID
   mpirun.lsf /contrib/bin/ccsm_launch /contrib/bin/job_memusage.exe ./ccsm.exe >>&! ccsm.log.$LID

to allow us to get three years per job and still get the orbital correct for each year.

On 31 October 2010 and at model date 1600-01-01-00000 the above change to the
run script was backed out because it was noticed that only the log files from
the third run were saved. The log files from the first and second runs were
apparently over-written, that of the first run by the second and that of the
second run by the third. At this time we are still searching for a solution
to this problem.

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