Frontal Scale Air-Sea Interaction Workshop

Workshop Presentations

Justin SmallWelcome [Presentation (ppt)] [Video (mp4)]
Larry O'NeillSampling erros in divergence and vorticity constructed from scatterometer observations [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Shoshiro MinobeDiurnal precipitation variability over the Gulf Stream and the Kuroshio [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Niklas SchneiderThe role of back pressure in frontal sea-ice interaction Air-sea interaction at weak SST fronts [Presentation (pdf)] [Video (mp4)]
Yoshimi KawaiIntensive observations over the Kuroshio Extension front in the Baiu season [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Riwal PlougonvenAtmospheric response to sea surface temperature mesoscale and submesoscale structures[Presentation (pdf)] [Video (mp4)]
Thomas KilpatrickBoundary layer convergence above a midlatitude SST front and free atmosphere response [Presentation (mov)] [Video (mp4)]
Hyodae SeoDynamical response of the Arctic surface winds to sea ice variability [Presentation (pdf)] [Video (mp4)]
Natalie PerlinModeling Atmospheric Boundary Layer Response to Mesoscale Sea Surface Temperature Variations[Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Dudley CheltonThe Influence of Oceanic Mesoscale Eddies on Surface Stress [Presentation (pdf)] [Video (mp4)]
LuAnne ThompsonLinking sea surface temperature, surface flux, and heat content in the North Atlantic: what can we learn about predictability? [Presentation (ppt)] [Video (mp4)]
Terrence JoyceThe Ocean perspective on frontal air-sea exchange over the wintertime Gulf Stream or... CLIMODE Redux [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Bruno DerembleOn the Potential Vorticity Dynamics of Eighteen Degree Water [Presentation (pdf)] [Video (mp4)]
Masami NonakaUncertainty in the Kuroshio Extension jet in an eddy-forcing OGCM driven by interannually varying winds[Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)<]/td>
Lisan YuAir-sea Interaction in the vicinity of ocean fronts - Perspective from OAFlux high-resolution analysis [Presentation (ppsx)] [Video (mp4)]
Dian PutrasahanInterannual modulation of the Agulhas Leakage and potential predictability of air-sea interaction in the Agulhas region [Presentation (pdf)] [Video (mp4)]
Noel KeenlysideOcean-atmosphere interaction in the extra-tropical North Atlantic [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Yizhak FeliksLow-frequency variability in the mid-latitude atmosphere introduced by an oceanic-thermal front: Application to the North Atlantic Ocean [Presentation (ppt)] [Video (mp4)]
Francis CodronAtmospheric Circulations induced by a Mid-Latitude SST front: A OGCM Study [Presentation (pdf)] [Video (mp4)]
Jeff KnightTwo new strands of evidence for a lack of ocean-atmosphere coupling in climate models [Presentation (ppt)] [Video (mp4)]
Nour-Eddine OmraniImpact of oceanic front on Northern Hemisphere coupled stratosphere/troposphere-system [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Luke SheldonDeep convection over the Gulf Stream and its potential role in ocean atmosphere coupling [Presentation (pdf)] [Video (mp4)]
Fumiaki OgawaPotential importance of midlatitude oceanic frontal latitude on the atmospheric annular mode variability as revealed from aqua-planet experiments [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Bo QuiDecadal Variability, Impact, and Prediction of the Kuroshio Extension System [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Michael AlexanderAir-Sea Interaction over the North Pacific: Diagnosing the Role of Kuroshio-Oyashio Extension Variability [Presentation (ppt)] [Video (mp4)]
Art MillerIsolating Mesoscale Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction in the Kuroshio Extension Region [Presentation (ppt)] [Video (mp4)]
Claude FrankignoulInfluence of the variability of the Kuroshio Extension on the atmospheric circulation [Presentation (pdf)] [Video (mp4)]
Bunmei TaguchiClimatic influences of decadal-scale latitudinal shift in the North Pacific subarctic frontal zone [Presentation (pdf)] [Video (mp4)]
Dima SmirnovThe atmospheric response to an Oyashio SST front shift in an atmospheric GCM [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Guidi ZhouAtmospheric response to North Pacific SST [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Walt RobinsonWintertime Gulf Stream-Atmosphere Interaction: Effects of Model Resolution & Climate [Presentation (pdf)] [Video (mp4)]
James BoothCold Air Outbreaks and Warm Air Outbreaks at the Gulf Stream and the Agulhas Front [Presentation (pdf)] [Video (mp4)]
Terrence JoyceNorthern Hemisphere Atmospheric Transient Eddy Fluxes and their Co-variability with the Gulf Stream and Kuroshio-Oyashio Extensions [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Akira Kuwano-YoshidaAtmospheric response to the SST front in the northern hemisphere in an AGCM [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Justin SmallA new high-resolution global climate simulation using Community Atmosphere Model version 5 and an eddy-resolving ocean model [Presentation (ppt)] [Video (mp4)]
Jen-Shan HsiehFrontal-Scale Air-Sea Interactions of the Winter Cyclones along the Gulf Stream in a Convection-resolving/Eddy-resolving-coupled Regional Climate Model [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Ping ChangVariability of Winter Extreme Flux Events in the Kuroshio Extension and Gulf Stream Regions [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Hisashi NakamuraMulti-Scale Impacts of the Midlatitude Ocean on the Atmosphere: Roles of the Western Boundary Currents and Associated Frontal Zones as Revealed in the "Hotspot Project" [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
Justin SmallStorm track response to Ocean Fronts in a global high-resolution climate model [Presentation (ppt)] [Video (mp4)]
Summary & Discussion[Presentation (pdf)] [Presentation (pptx)] [Video (mp4)]
  • Dates: August 5-7, 2013
  • Venue: Center Green, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, CO, USA
  • By Invitation Only.
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  • Justin Small, NCAR
  • Young-Oh Kwon, WHOI
  • Claude Frankignoul, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
  • Mike Alexander, NOAA
  • Dima Smirnov, NOAA