Hyperslab OPerator Suite (HOPS):

An object-oriented toolkit for processing CCM/NCOM data

(Updated 18 August 1998)

HOPS, which stands for "Hyperslab OPerator Suite", is a bilingual, multi-platform software package for processing data in netCDF files conforming to the NCAR-CCM format or the NCAR Ocean Model format. HOPS is implemented in IDL, the widely-used commercial interpreted language, and also in Yorick, a public-domain interpreted language that is freely available from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The IDL version of HOPS should run on any platform supported by IDL. The Yorick version too runs on most common UNIX platforms, such as Sun, SGI, Cray, and LINUX computers.

HOPS is not a monolithic program, but a suite of operators that act on data units called "hyperslabs". The design of HOPS is object-oriented, rather than procedure-oriented; the operators treat the numeric data and the associated meta-data (like coordinate information) as a single object.

Comments and bug reports may be mailed to me at svn/ncar.ucar.edu, but I make no promises about responding to them.

R. Saravanan (http://www.cgd.ucar.edu/gds/svn)

DISCLAIMER: HOPS was developed for use in my own research, and I am making it freely available with absolutely no warranties whatsoever. Although I am an NCAR employee, HOPS is neither supported by nor endorsed by NCAR.

  • hopsref.ps: HOPS Reference Card, very useful (PostScript file, view/print in landscape orientation)

  • Installing hyperslab operators in Yorick

  • Installing hyperslab operators in IDL

  • Example scripts using hyperslab operators (in lieu of documenation)

  • hyperslab.txt: Definition of hyperslab data format (boring ASCII text, but defines the format)

  • Source code for hyperslab operators (rarely useful)

  • Related web pages:
  • Phil Rasch's Yorick Page: Pointers to local and nonlocal Yorick info

  • Yorick documentation in HTML

  • Charlie Zender's netCDF operators: These can be used to carry out fairly general operations on netCDF files

  • Climate System Model (CSM) Output Processor: This is the officially supported processor for CSM data based on the NCAR Command Language (NCL)

  • CSM netCDF conventions: NetCDF representations of the hyperslabs conform to this format

  • Cooperative Ocean/Atmosphere Research Data Service (COARDS) netCDF conventions: Most netCDF representations of the hyperslabs also conform to this format

  • NetCDF (network Common Data Form) file format

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