2015 Weekly Meetings

Start Date: Friday, January 9, 2015
End Date: Thursday, December 31, 2015

NCAR's Integrated Assessment Modeling group holds open weekly meetings most Fridays of each month from 1:30-3:00 at the Mesa Lab Chapman Room. The schedule of past weekly meetings for 2015 is below. If you would like to be added to the current weekly meeting email list or have additional questions, contact Emily Laidlaw


    • Friday, December 11 - Brant Liddle presented his work on statistical analysis of national-level emissions, income, and population data. 
    • Friday, November 20 - Emily Laidlaw presented her analysis of household consumption and income patterns in India as an input for the iPETS model.
    • Friday, October 23 - Ben Sanderson presented his work on very low emissions scenarios, related to policy targets of 1.5 C or 2 C warming.
    • Friday, October 2 - Leiwen Jiang presented on population growth, urbanization, and wildfire risks.
    • Friday, September 11 - Nikolai Melnikov (Russian Academy of Sciences) discussed downscaling heterogeneous household outcomes in the PET model.
    • Wednesday, September 9 - Jared Carbone (School of Mines) presented on modeling the influence of climate on migration decisions.
    • Friday, August 28 - Wei Zhou presented on his analysis of household consumption patterns in Nepal.
    • Friday, August 14 - Matthias Weitzel presented on the challenges of achieving cooperation in global agreements based on experimental economics, game theory, and numerical modeling.
    • Friday, May 29 - Bas van Ruijven provided an update from the SSP income distribution meeting in Vienna, including the different methods presented and some potential next steps in developing income distribution projections for the SSPs.
    • Friday, May 22 - Brian O'Neill provided an update from the IPCC scenarios meeting in Vienna, with discussion on meeting highlights and next steps in the scenario process.
    • Friday, May 8 - Brian O'Neill presented on differences between UN and IIASA global population projections based on his talk at the recent Population Association of America meeting.
    • Friday, April 24 - Dale Rothman and Amir Siraj (DU) presented on their work implementing Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs) in the International Futures (IFs) model. 
    • Friday, April 10 - Doug Shaw (Texas A&M) presented on long run discount rates and their role in modeling the economics of climate change decision making.
    • Friday, March 13 - Wei Zhou presented on U.S. and China household survey analyses to understand the patterns of income and expenditures of households by demographic characteristics an an input for the iPETS model.
    • Friday, February 27 - Tiantian Zhang presented on analysis of Korean household survey data as an input for the iPETS model.
    • Friday, February 20 - Jared Carbone (School of Mines) presented on modeling impacts within the framework of computable general equilibrium (CGE) models.
    • Friday, January 16 - Bas van Ruijven presented his work on downscaling iPETS model scenarios for income consumption to specific household types.