2016 Weekly Meetings

Start Date: Friday, January 15, 2016
End Date: Saturday, December 31, 2016

NCAR's Integrated Assessment Modeling group holds open weekly meetings most Fridays of each month from 1:30-3:00 at the Mesa Lab Chapman Room. The schedule of past weekly meetings for 2016 is below. If you would like to be added to the weekly meeting email list or have additional questions, contact Emily Laidlaw.

2016 Meetings

    • Friday, December 9 - Emily Laidlaw (NCAR) presented her analysis of household consumption and income patterns in Indonesia as an input for the iPETS model.
    • Friday, December 2 - Simone Tilmes (NCAR) and Yaga Richter (NCAR) presented their work on a multiple member ensemble climate engineering experiment performed with WACCM.
    • Friday, November 11 - Matthias Weitzel (NCAR) presented on recursive versus forward-looking models.
    • Friday, November 4 - Sul-Ki Lee (Colorado School of Mines) presented on modeling migration responses to projected climate scenarios.
    • Friday, October 28 - Ana Escoto (El Colegio de Mexico) presented on household demographics, prices, and poverty in Mexico.
    • Friday, October 21 - Maxwell Brown (Colorado School of Mines) presented on calibration of constant elasticity of substitution technologies to marginal abatement cost curves.
    • Friday, September 23 - Peter Lawrence (NCAR) presented an update on LUMIP and land use and land cover change in CESM.
    • Friday, September 16 - Nikolai Melnikov (Moscow State University) and Bas van Ruijven (NCAR) presented on downscaling heterogeneous household outcomes in the PET model for energy-economic analysis.
    • Friday, August 26 - Claudia Tebaldi (NCAR) presented on her experience at the scoping meeting for the IPCC Special Report on the 1.5 C target.
    • Friday, August 19 - Bas Van Ruijven (NCAR) presented on energy and development in Integrated Assessment Models.
    • Friday, August 5 - Hamid Zoraghein (NCAR) and Leiwen Jiang (NCAR) presented the interface of CDM_Housedhold projection model.
    • Friday, May 13 - Leiwen Jiang (NCAR) and Emily Laidlaw (NCAR) presented initial considerations for a comparison of household income and expenditure patterns in four developing Asian countries.
    • Friday, April 15 - Jing Gao (NCAR) presented a data-driven approach to understanding the relationship between the spatiotemporal patterns of human population and built-up land.
    • Friday, February 12 - Katsumasa Tanaka (National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan) discussed his work on visualizing the interconnections among climate risks.
    • Friday, January 15 - Emily Laidlaw (NCAR) presented progress on a literature review on the use of the Community Earth System Model (CESM) in human dimensions climate work.