2017 Weekly Meetings

Start Date: Friday, January 6, 2017
End Date: Sunday, December 31, 2017

NCAR's Integrated Assessment Modeling group holds open weekly meetings most Fridays of each month from 1:30-3:00 at the Mesa Lab Chapman Room. The schedule of past weekly meetings for 2017 is below. If you would like to be added to the weekly meeting email list or have additional questions, contact Emily Laidlaw.

2017 Meetings

    • Friday, December 1 - The IAM group presentated our work to UCAR's science education staff.
    • Friday, November 17 - Brant Liddle (Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore) gave a talk titled, "Consumption-based accounting and the trade-carbon emissions nexus."
    • Friday, November 10 - Vanessa Schweizer (University of Waterloo) gave a talk on local interpretation of the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways.
    • Friday, September 22 - Nathan Urban (Los Alamos National Laboratory) gave a talk titled "Adaptation to uncertain coastal climate impacts: chance-constrained optimization for the design of resilient energy infrastructures."
    • Friday, August 25 - Alex Armbruster (NCAR) presented his summer work on pattern scaling of extreme indices.
    • Friday, August 11 - Travis Aerenson (NCAR) presented his recent work on climate extremes in low-warming scenarios.
    • Friday, July 14 - Jared Carbone (Colorado School of Mines) and Sul-Ki Lee (Colorado School of Mines) presented an update on their climate-induced migration work.
    • Friday, May 19 - Emily Laidlaw (NCAR) presented results from a literature review on the use of the Community Earth System Model in human dimensions research and applications.
    • Friday, May 12 - Brian O'Neill (NCAR) and Claudia Tebaldi (NCAR) presented results of the IPCC meeting to scope the content of the Sixth Assessment Report.
    • Friday, April 21 - Bas van Ruijven (NCAR) presented on climate impacts on energy use.
    • Friday, March 10 - Erich Striessnig (Austrian Academy of Sciences) presented descriptive results from his work on age-structural change in the spatial distribution of the US population since 1940.
    • Friday, February 10 - Leiwen Jiang (NCAR) and Hamid Zoraghein (NCAR) presented their work on U.S. subnational population projections.
    • Friday, January 27 - Morgan Bazilian (World Bank) presented on geopolitics and research as they pertain to energy and development.
    • Friday, January 6 - Sherri Cook (University of Colorado) presented on the "Energy Footprint of Water: Comparing Life Cycle Impacts of Water Treatment Alternatives to Support Sustainable Water Systems"
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