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gsn Generic Plot Templates: Line

Line Type Plot Templates





Example 1 from Mary Haley's Getting Started with NCL also demonstrates the use of gsn_xy.
gsn_line_1.ncl: Default plot from ACSII data.

gsn_xy is the generic GSUN plot template that creates xy plots.
gsn_line_2.ncl: Add some titles.

tiMainString = "An xy plot Example", Adds a plot title
tiYAxisString = "Dust (ppm)", Adds a y-axis title
tiXAxisString = "Time", Adds an x-axis title.
gsn_line_3.ncl: Demonstrates multiple lines, line color, thickness, and pattern.

xyLineColors = (/"black","red"/), control the line colors.
xyLineThicknesses = (/1.0,2.0/), Controls the line thicknesses.
xyDashPatterns = (/0,0/), Controls the line dash patterns. By default, if there are multiple lines present, NCL will draw the first one as solid, the second as dashed etc. This resource forces both lines to be solid.
gsn_line_4.ncl: Demonstrates adding markers to lines.

xyMarkLineModes = (/"Markers","Lines","MarkLines"/), Controls whether each line on the plot is represented soly by a line, by markers, or both.
xyMarkerColors = (/"red", "black","black"/),Controls the colors of the markers. Note that we fill out the array.
xyMarkers= (/2,0,1/), controls the style of the markers.
gsn_line_5.ncl: Demonstrates the use of the gsn_y plot template.