Last modified: Saturday, 23-Feb-2002 14:44:20 MST

SCD's master resource pages

These master pages describe each resource, and how they interact with other. Note, that there are many resources here that most users will never use. If you are a beginner, we recommend you use the above index, which list a sub-set of the master resources

Contours (cn) Maps (mp) Map Transformations
xy plots Scalar Field (sf) Streamlines (st)
Text (tx) Tickmarks (tm) Titles (ti)
Plot Manager (pm) Label Bar (lb) Legends (lg)
Vectors (vc) Vector Plot (vp) Graphic Style (gs)
NCGM workstations X-Workstations (X11) PS workstations
Workstations (wk) LogLin Transformations (tr) Irregular Transformations (tr)
Views Transforms (tf)