Last modified: Tuesday, 26-Feb-2002 09:32:18 MST

gsn Generic Plot Templates: Vectors

Vector Type Plot Templates


Example 3 from Mary Haley's Getting Started with NCL also demonstrates the use of gsn_vector.
gsn_vector_1.ncl: Default plot

gsn_vector is the generic GSUN plot template that creates vector plots.

vcRefMagnitudeF = 15.0, Defines the reference vector magnitude. Use this to adjust the size of the vectors.

vcRefLengthF = 0.045, Defines the length of the reference vector.
gsn_vector_2.ncl: Colors the vectors by their magnitude and adds a label bar.

vcMonoLineArrowColor = False, colors the vectors by their magnitude.

pmLabelBarDisplayMode = "Always", turns on label bar.

lbPerimOn = False, turns off label bar perimeter box

pmLabelBarWidthF = 0.4, controls the size of label bar