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The mission of the Oceanography Section (OS) is to understand the large-scale ocean circulation and the dynamics of climate through studies of the important processes in the ocean and sea-ice, in air-sea-ice interactions, and in coupled systems. Areas of focus include: Global Ocean and Sea-Ice Modeling, High Resolution Ocean Simulations, Ocean Biogeochemical Modeling, Air-sea-ice Interactions, and Forcing of the Ocean Circulation.

The 17th Heinz Awards: Joan Kleypas

A lifelong passion for the oceans led Dr. Joan Kleypas to groundbreaking research that has changed our understanding of the role humans play in tropic coral reef ecosystems. Her early work on understanding acidification of our ocean waters caused by the absorption of carbon dioxide has been a clarion call to us all about the devastating impact climate factors have on coral reefs. [more] [UCAR Press Release] [related]

Publication Highlights

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