OS Staff Research

Altuntas, Alper


Bachman, Scott


Bryan, Frank

Thermohaline circulation and its response to climate change, and the role of mesoscale eddies in the ocean general circulation, numerical modeling.

Carranza, Magdalena

Upper-ocean dynamics and bio-physical interactions in the Southern Ocean: the response to atmospheric forcing, induced mixing and implications to biology and climate. Weather impacts on upper ocean physics and biogeochemistry. Upwelling and circulation associated to oceanic fronts. Wind - ocean mesoscale interactions.

Castruccio, Frederic

Modelling and analysis of the ocean dynamics and its key contribution to climate variability using a combination of numerical models, observation and data assimilation to create realistic simulations of the global and regional ocean circulation that are relevant to describe the ocean and sea-ice variability.

Danabasoglu, Gokhan

Role of the oceans in the earth’s climate system and computational modelling of the ocean as geophysical fluid, developing subgrid scale parameterizations to represent unresolved physics in ocean general circulation models and investigating mechanisms and potential predictability associated with the (multi)decadal variability of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation.

Gent, Peter

Theoretical and numerical models of ocean circulation in both tropical and global domains, parameterization of the effects of mesoscale eddies on the mean flow in ocean models that do not resolve mesoscale eddies.

Holland, William

Dynamical oceanography, particularly problems concerning large-scale ocean circulation.

Kauffman, Brian

CCSM/CESM project (CESM Coupler), Pacific Basin ocean model in ENSO.

Kim, Who

Role of the ocean in climate variability; Variability, mechanisms, and climatic impacts of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, especially on decadal time scales; Air-ice-sea interactions in the context of climate variability.

Krumhardt, Kristen

Modeling phytoplankton dynamics in the global oceans, improving parameterizations of phytoplankton physiology in ecosystem models, and projecting changes in ocean ecosystems with climate change and ocean acidification.

Kleypas, Joanie

Effects of changes in the Earth's atmosphere and climate on coral reefs and other marine ecosystems, coral bleaching, ocean acidification.

Large, William

Physics of the upper ocean and feedbacks with the atmosphere, low frequency, large scale phenomena, and the role of the upper ocean as a conduit between the interior ocean and the atmosphere, upper ocean models for global climate modeling studies, atmosphere-ocean forcing.

Levy, Michael

Software engineering in ocean models, especially parameterizations of vertical processes. Main developer for CVMix (Community Vertical Mixing library) and heavily involved with MARBL (Marine Biogeochemistry Library); CVMix is available as an option in POP, MARBL is still a work in progress as of early 2016

Lindsay, Keith

Modeling ocean biogeochemical cycles and the global carbon cycle.

Long, Matthew

Modeling ocean ecosystems and biogeochemistry, interactions between ocean physics and biology, global carbon cycle, ocean tracers and stable isotope biogeochemistry, impacts of climate change on ecosystems and biogeochemistry.

Luo, Jessica

Modeling marine ecosystems and plankton dynamics, representation of zooplankton in MARBL (Marine Biogeochemistry Library), role of zooplankton in the biological pump.

Maroon, Elizabeth

Influence of the ocean on climate variability and predictability; climate impacts of the ocean's overturning circulation; tropical precipitation and atmospheric circulation; idealized atmosphere and ocean general circulation model configurations.

Marques, Gustavo

Ocean model development; ice-ocean interaction; bottom water formation and export.

Mongwe, Precious


Norton, Nancy


Small, Justin

Representation of small scale features in the ocean and how they affect the atmosphere and climate.

Whitt, Dan

Geophysical fluid dynamics, upper-ocean physics, atmosphere-ocean interaction, hydrodynamical-biogeochemical interaction, and mathematical/computational modeling and analysis methods.

Yeager, Stephen

Decadal climate prediction, large-scale ocean dynamics, thermohaline circulation, air-sea interaction, global ocean modeling.