CGD Affiliate Scientists

Affiliate scientists are senior-level university and research community scientists who desire to carry out long-term, highly interactive, collaborative work with CGD scientists on scientific problems of mutual interest. These appointments are three year terms and include annual visits and financial and/or administrative support.

Enrique Curchitser

General circulation of the ocean, dynamics of eastern boundary currents and shelf circulation, sea-ice ocean interactions, effects of bathymetry, coupled biophysical and numerical modeling.

Leo J. Donner

Cloud and Convective Processes in the Atmospheric General Circulation.

Veronika Eyring

Climate change with a focus on stratosphere-troposphere interactions, the chemistry-climate problem, and process-oriented model evaluation and diagnosis.

Reto Knutti

Climate modeling, general circulation models, ocean thermohaline circulation, model ensembles, paleoclimate modeling.

Vincent Larson

Theory and parameterization of clouds in the atmosphere, including boundary layer clouds such as cumulus and stratocumulus, midlevel clouds such as altocumulus and altostratocumulus, and deep convective clouds.

Lorenzo Polvani

Atmospheric and climate dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, numerics for weather and climate modeling, planetary atmospheres.

Marilyn Raphael

Her primary research focus is Southern Hemisphere (SH) atmospheric dynamics and climate change and her major scientific goals are to characterize the Antarctic sea ice variability and to define and understand the interaction between Antarctic sea ice and the large-scale Southern Hemisphere circulation, focusing on interaction at the seasonal, interannual and decadal time scales.

Benjamin Sanderson

Feedbacks and climate sensitivity, climate impacts, machine learning, uncertainty quanti cation, geo-engineering, extreme precipitation.

Gunilla Svensson

Area of expertise is the Atmospheric Boundary Layer. Collaborative research on the development of boundary layer and surface interaction modules for future versions of the Community Atmosphere Model.

Laurent Terray

Collaborative research on topics related to dynamical understanding of recent climate trends and projected changes based on the CESM "Large Ensemble". Advancing CAS community projects such as the Climate Data Guide and the Climate Variability Diagnostics Package.