2008 AGU Fall Meeting

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Year of Tropical Convection ( YOTC ): High-Resolution Modeling, in Situ Data, and State-of-the-Art Satellite Observations to Address the Challenge of Multiscale Organized Convection I

Presiding: C Zhang, RSMAS, University of Miami; M W Moncrieff, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Year of Tropical Convection ( YOTC ): A Joint WWRP and WCRP Activity to Address the Challenges of Multi-Scale Organized Convection. J Caughey, *D Waliser, M Moncrieff

Multiscale Organization of Equatorial Waves *G N Kiladis, S Tulich INVITED

Tropical-extratropical interaction during YOTC *K Weickmann

Observations of Atmospheric Rivers with CloudSat CPR and Aqua AMSR-E *J B Dodson, T Vonder Haar

Cross-Scale Evolution of Tropical Diabatic Heating *C Zhang, S M Hagos

The role of surface fluxes in tropical intraseasonal oscillations *A H Sobel, E D Maloney, G Bellon, D M Frierson

Dynamical and Thermodynamical Controls on Tropical and Subtropical Convective Activity Inferred from Three Dimensional Latent Heating Distributions with TRMM SLH Data *Y N Takayabu, S Shige

Multi-scale structure of Madden-Julian Oscillation revealed by two-dimensional wavelet analysis *K Kikuchi, B Wang

On the Low-level Moisture Preconditioning of the Madden-Julian Oscillation *B Tian, D Waliser, X Xie, T Liu, E Fetzer

Tropical Penetrative Deep Convection as Depicted by CloudSat and MODIS *Z Luo, G Liu, G L Stephens

Year of Tropical Convection ( YOTC ): High-Resolution Modeling, in Situ Data, and State-of-the-Art Satellite Observations to Address the Challenge of Multiscale Organized Convection II

Presiding: D Waliser, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech; G N Kiladis, Earth System Research Laboratory NOAA

Representing Convective Organization in Global Atmospheric Models *M W Moncrieff

A Simple Dynamical Model with Features of Convective Momentum Transport *A Majda, S Stechmann INVITED

Cascade: Investigating Multiscale Tropical Convective Organization Using High-Resolution Numerical Simulations Over Large Domains. *C E Holloway, A Slingo, S Woolnough, G Lister INVITED

Large Domain Cloud Resolving Simulations of Equatorial Tropical Convection: Influence of Sea Surface Temperature on Convective Organization *D Posselt, S van den Heever, G Stephens

On the importance of atmospheric and oceanic initial conditions for forecasting the MJO *A Vintzileos, D Behringer

The Madden Julian Oscillation and convectively coupled waves in NOGAPS and COAMPSĀ® *M Flatau, J Ridout, C Reynolds, J McLay, P J Flatau

Interaction of Deep and Shallow Convection in GCM Simulation of Madden-Julian Oscillation *G J Zhang, X Song

Diagnostic evaluation of a Global Cloud-Resolving Model simulation of a Madden-Julian Oscillation event *H Taniguchi, H Miura, T Nasuno, K Oouchi, A T Noda, S Iga, H Tomita, M Satoh

Simulation and Prediction of Tropical Intraseasonal Variability with Contemporary General Circulation Model *J X Fu

MJO Structure in the Superparameterized CAM *J J Benedict, D A Randall

Year of Tropical Convection ( YOTC ): High-Resolution Modeling, in Situ Data, and State-of-the-Art Satellite Observations to Address the Challenge of Multiscale Organized Convection III Posters

Presiding: D Waliser, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech; J Done, NCAR

Horizontal and vertical structure of easterly waves across Central America and Mexico Y Serra, *G Kiladis POSTER

Online Visualization and Analysis of Merged Global Geostationary Satellite Infrared Dataset Z Liu, D Ostrenga, *G Leptoukh, A Mehta POSTER

Mesoscale Convective Systems Associated With 7 African Easterly Waves During NAMMA *J Zawislak, E Zipser POSTER

Mass Divergence, Temperature and RH Anomalies in Regions of Enhanced Precipitation: Observations vs. GCMs *T Mitovski, I Folkins POSTER

Mesoscale Characteristics of Mei-Yu Precipitation Systems over South China, Taiwan and the South China Sea *w xu, E Zipser, C Liu POSTER

Observations of the Double Intertropical Convergence Zone using CloudSat *H M Quantz, T H Vonder Haar POSTER

Convective signals from surface measurements at DOE ARM Tropical Western Pacific sites *Y Wang, C N Long, J H Mather POSTER

Diurnal Cycle Variability of Rainfall Over the Indian Region: Perspectives From the TRMM Satellite *S Sahany, V Venugopal, R S Nanjundiah POSTER

Using high resolution TRMM observations to understand the role of topography in spatial variations in precipitation and storm structure *S W Nesbitt, A M Anders POSTER

The Challenges of Interpreting Microwave-Sounded Height- Registered Water near Tropical Cyclones *E Fishbein, E Fetzer, B Kahn, B Lambrightsen, J Teixeira POSTER

"Electrically-Hot" Convection and Tropical Cyclone Development in the Eastern Atlantic *K Leppert II, W A Petersen, E Williams POSTER

Temporal Relations of Column Water Vapor and Precipitation *C E Holloway, J Neelin POSTER

Relationship between ENSO and northward propagating intraseasonal oscillation of East Asian summer monsoon and its interdecadal change K Ha, *K Yun, K Seo POSTER

Global circulation and precipitation response to tropical heating in the Madden-Julian oscillation *S Han, K Seo POSTER

Interannual Variability of the Onset and Withdrawal Dates of the Baiu Season *T Hashimoto, T Tomita POSTER

The Role of Convective Moistening in the Formation and Progression of the MJO *K Thayer-Calder, D A Randall POSTER

Convectively coupled equatorial waves in a simple multicloud model. *B Khouider, A J Majda POSTER

Equatorial Superrotation in the IPESD Multi-scale MJO Model *J A Biello, A J Majda, M W Moncrieff POSTER

Optimal width of hot spots for driving deep moist convective systems *F J Robinson, s sherwood, D Gerstle POSTER

Mesoscale convective systems and critical clusters *O Peters, J D Neelin, S W Nesbitt POSTER

Diurnal cycle of precipitation in a global cloud-resolving model *T Sato, H Miura, M Satoh, Y N Takayabu POSTER

Development and Testing of the Dynamic Formulation of Relaxation Timescale for use in Cumulus Convection Parameterizations *K ALAPATY POSTER

Kelvin Wave and Madden-Julian Oscillation simulated by a Spectral Element Atmospheric Model under Aqua-Planet Conditions *Y Kim, F X Giraldo, M Flatau, C Liou, M S Peng POSTER

Wave Accumulation and Tropical Cyclone Genesis *J Done, G Holland, A Suzuki-Parker POSTER

Relating Convective and Microphysical Properties to Large-scale Dynamical and Thermodynamical processes within Tropical Cyclones *A V Mehta, E A Smith, G J Tripoli POSTER

Assessment of prediction skill of intraseasonal variation from dynamical, statistical, and combined models *H Kim, I Kang, P J Webster POSTER