2009 AGU Fall Meeting

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Multiscale Organization of Tropical Convection and Its Interaction With the Large-Scale Circulation: Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC) I

Presiding: M W Moncrieff, NCAR; D E Waliser

Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC): Status and Research Agenda *M W Moncrieff, D E Waliser

Excursions into the strong precipitation regime; long tails in water vapor and other tracers (Invited) *J Neelin, C E Holloway, B R Lintner, B Tian, Q Li, L Zhang, P K Patra, M T Chahine, S Stechmann

Understanding the MJO via data assimilation *B E Mapes

Vertical cloud water structures of the boreal summer intraseasonal variability based on CloudSat observations and ERA-Interim reanalysis *X Jiang, D E Waliser, J F Li, C P Woods

Variance scaling and moist conserved variables from AIRS/CloudSat and comparisons to ECMWF *B H Kahn, J Teixeira, E Fetzer

Atmospheric Diabatic Heating Distributions Derived from a Combination of Satellite Sensor Data *W S Olson, T S L'Ecuyer, M Grecu, M G Bosilovich

Easterly Wave Activity And Its Modulation By The Larger Scales During The YOTC Time Period Of Focus: May 2008 - Oct 2009 *Y L Serra

On the occurrence and properties of middle tropospheric stable layers over the tropical western Pacific *D J Posselt, B Charboneau

Multiscale Organization of Tropical Convection and Its Interaction With the Large-Scale Circulation: Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC) II

Presiding: M W Moncrieff, NCAR; D E Waliser

Multi-scale modeling of clouds and process studies using CRM and MMF frameworks (Invited) *M F Khairoutdinov

Parameterizing convection in high-resolution global atmospheric models (Invited) *J T Bacmeister, W Tao, M Lee, W C Skamarock, R Mittal

The MJO in an Aquaplanet General Circulation Model *E D Maloney, A H Sobel, W M Hannah

Relative Roles of Convection Closure, Trigger Condition and Convective Momentum Transport in GCM Simulations of the Madden-Julian Oscillation *X Wu, L deng

What can Cloud-Resolving Models Tell us About Critical Phenomena in Atmospheric Precipitation? *S K Krueger, A Kochanski

Representation of intra-seasonal activity in coupled GCMs with varying atmospheric and oceanic resolutions *W Stern, A J Rosati, G A Vecchi

Evaluating parameterized variables in the Community Atmospheric Model along the GCSS Pacific cross-section during YOTC *C Hannay, D Williamson, R B Neale, J Olson, D Shea

Mesoscale weather and climate modeling with the global non-hydrostatic Goddard Earth Observing System Model (GEOS-5) at cloud-permitting resolutions *W M Putman, M Suarez

Role of Deep Convection in the Large-Scale Tropical Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction I (joint with OS)

Presiding: R B Neale, NCAR; D Sun, University of Colorado; G J Zhang, Scripps Institution Oceanography

Overview of Recent Cloud and Radiation Satellite Observations for Studying Tropical Climate Variability (Invited) *N G Loeb, W Su, B Lin, S Kato, Z Eitzen

Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC): Status and Research Agenda (Invited) *D E Waliser, M W Moncrieff

Impact of Deep Convection on ENSO Prediction Skill (Invited) *B P Kirtma

Connecting Increased Intra-seasonal Variability and ENSO Changes Associated with Deep Convection Modifications in CCSM3 *R B Neale, M jochum, J H Richter

The Role of Atmosphere Feedbacks During ENSO *J Lloyd, E Guilyardi, H Weller

The Intertropical Convergence Zone, equatorial westerlies and the creation of climatically sensitive zones in the ocean (Invited) *P J Webster, H Chang

Coupled Feedback and Ocean Heat Transport in the Simulation of ITCZ *G J Zhang, X Song

The double-ITCZ syndrome in coupled general circulation models: the role of large-scale vertical circulation regimes *A Bellucci, S Gualdi, A Navarra

Multiscale Organization of Tropical Convection and Its Interaction With the Large-Scale Circulation: Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC) III Posters

Presiding: M W Moncrieff, NCAR; D E Waliser

Leveraging A-Train Satellite Observations To Develop New Insights, Diagnostics And Constraints For Model Representations Of Clouds And Convection *D E Waliser, J F Li, W Chen, T L Kubar, B H Kahn, E Fetzer, T S L'Ecuyer, J Neelin

Use of A-Train data to estimate convective buoyancy and entrainment rate *Z Luo, G Liu, G L Stephens

UTLS Signatures in MLS Fields during the YOTC May-July 2008 Large-Scale Convective Event *M J Schwartz, D E Waliser, B Tian

Alternative Representations of Convective Processes in the NASA GEOS-5 AGCM *F R Robertson, C Cohen, T L Miller

Mechanisms affecting the transition from shallow to deep convection over land: Inferences from observations collected at the ARM Southern Great Plains site *Y Zhang, S A Klein

Aspects of orogenic mesoscale convective organization admitted by a global multi-scale climate modeling framework *M S Pritchard, M W Moncrieff, R C Somerville

Relationships between Moisture Surges and Mesoscale- to Large-Scale Convection from Multi-year Satellite Imagery and North American Regional Reanalysis Data *J F Mejia, M W Douglas

Relative Role of Convection and Large-Scale Flow in Controlling Upper Tropospheric Humidity *J Ryoo, D W Waugh, T Igusa

Vertical structure of convective heating over the large-scale subsidence region in the CMIP3 models *N Hirota, Y N Takayabu

Diurnal Cycle: The Major Source of Error in ECMWF 1 to 10 Days Forecasts During YOTC 2008 *A Chakraborty

Global Observations of the Madden-Julian Oscillations from Multi-Satellite Data *K Li, C M Logan, B L Slawski, B Tian, D E Waliser, Y L Yung

The global circulation response to diabatic heating associated with the Madden-Julian Oscillation *K Seo, S Son

HIRS Upper Tropospheric Water Vapor Dataset for Tracking Tropical Convections and Waves *L Shi, J J Bates

Comparing the Strength of Eyewall, Inner Rainband, and Outer Rainband Convection Using 10 years of TRMM Data H Jiang, *E M Ramirez, E J Zipser

NASA Goddard Giovanni Support for YOTC *D Ostrenga, G G Leptoukh, D E Waliser

Cirrus Clouds and Deep Convection in the Tropics: Insights from CALIPSO and CloudSat *K Sassen, J Zhu

Testing a Rossby-wave theory of the MJO *D YANG, A P Ingersoll

The Madden-Julian oscillation wind-convection coupling and the role of moisture processes in the MM5 model *E Monier, B C Weare, W I Gustafson

Numerical Modelling of the Observed Diurnal Cycle of Indian Monsoon Rainfall *S Sahany, V Vuruputur, R S Nanjundiah

Vertical Structure of the Madden-Julian Oscillation from AIRS and CloudSat *B Tian, D E Waliser, J H Jiang, J Li, E Fetzer

Monthly climatology of the equatorial hydrological cycle as observed from satellite and its connection to major equatorial climate indices *M de la Torre Juarez, E Fetzer, B Tian

Observed Variability of the East Pacific ITCZ *C Bain, G Magnusdottir, J M De Paz, J Kramer, P Smyth, H Stern

Asian Monsoon and Western Pacific Precipitation Variability in the Super-Parameterized Community Climate System Model *C A DeMott, C Stan, M F Khairoutdinov, J L Kinter, D A Randall

The Modulation of the Extratropical Atmosphere in the Pacific Basin in Response to the Madden Julian Oscillation *R Moore, O Martius, T Spengler

Seasonal Variation and Spatial Extent of Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillations *V Krishnamurthy

Water vapor recycling induced by the MJO convection: Application of water isotope tracers to the study of tropical convection *N Kurita, D C Noone, H Yamada, K Yoneyama

Linear response functions of a cumulus ensemble to temperature and moisture perturbations and implication to the dynamics of convectively coupled waves *Z Kuang

The Role of Extratropical Controls in Northward Moisture Surges of the North American Monsoon *J Favors, J T Abatzoglou, E Cordero