2010 AGU Fall Meeting

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Multiscale Organization of Tropical Convection: Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC) I Posters

Presiding: M W Moncrieff, MMM, NCAR, Boulder; D E Waliser, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech, Pasadena

Moist thermodynamics of Madden Julian Oscillation in a high resolution regional model AU: *S M Hagos, L Leung

Spatial-Temporal Evolution of Kelvin Waves and the Vertical Structure of Associated Heating-Rates AU: *Y L Yung, B L Slawski, K Li, X Jiang, D E Waliser

Variability in Rainfall Drop-Size Distributions observed at the Darwin ARM site AU: *M P Jensen, S Giangrande, M J Bartholomew

Vertical Structure of Diabatic Heating of Convectively-Coupled Kelvin Waves from TRMM Satellite Products AU: B L Slawski, *K Li, X Jiang, D E Waliser, Y L Yung

Modes of Intraseasonal Variability within the Inter-Americas Sea and the Modulation of Easterly Waves During 2008 and 2009 *Y L Serra

An Observational Analysis of the Relation Between MJO and ENSO AU: *V Krishnamurthy, B P Kirtman

Interannual Variations of Clouds Observed by A-Train Satellites AU: *R Bhawar, J H Jiang, H Su

Tropical overshooting convection from CloudSat and ISCCP AU: *H Takahashi, Z Luo

Investigating the atmospheric energy spectra using ECMWF analysis: Regional dependence AU: *P Mukherjee, M Zhang

Changes in the tropical hydrologic cycle in a warming environment: influence on organized deep convection AU: *D J Posselt, S C van den Heever, G L Stephens

Variations in Convectively Coupled Wave Activity and their Relationship with the Background Environment AU: *S Leroux, G N Kiladis

An improved 20-km AGCM for global warming experiments AU: *T Ose, R Mizuta, H Yoshimura, H Murakami, H Endo, M Matsueda, A Kitoh

NASA Giovanni Tool for Visualization and Analysis Support for the YOTC Program AU: *D Ostrenga, G G Leptoukh, D E Waliser, Z Liu, A K Savtchenko

Relating large scale dynamic patterns and cloud properties at Darwin, Australia AU: *S M Evans, R Marchand, T P Ackerman

Systematic Relation between Intraseasonal Variability and Mean State Bias in AGCM Simulations AU: *D Kim, A H Sobel, E D Maloney, D M Frierson, I Kang

Scale interaction of the Diurnal Cycle of Rainfall: Influence of Large-scale Circulations AU: *S P Rauniyar, K J Walsh

Evaluation of the Diurnal Evolution of the Size of Tropical Convective Systems in Large Domain, High Resolution Simulations using Observations of Outgoing Longwave Radiation AU: *K Pearson, R Hogan, R Allan, C E Holloway, G Lister

Observational study of the 1997/1998 El Nino-Induced Changes in Rainfall Vertical Structure in the East Pacific AU: *R Li, Q Min, Y Fu

Inter-comparison of deep convection over the Tibetan Plateau-Asian Monsoon Region and subtropical North America in boreal summer using CloudSat/CALIPSO data AU: *Y Luo, R Zhang, W Qian, Z Luo

Two Types of El NiƱo Events Simulated in the SNU Coupled GCM AU: *M Lim, I Kang, J KUG, Y Ham

Boreal Summer ISO hindcast experiment: preliminary results from SNU AU: *S Heo, I Kang, D Kim, Y Ham

High-frequency Waves in the Asian Monsoon: Results From an Observational and Modeling Study AU: *C A DeMott, C Stan, D A Randall, J L Kinter, M Khairoutdinov

Determining the Factors for the Simulation of the Madden-Julian Oscillation: Use of NCEP CFS RAS Model AU: *K Seo, J Choi, W Wang

Electrically-Active Convection and Tropical Cyclogenesis in the Atlantic and East Pacific AU: *K Leppert, W A Petersen

Multiscale Organization of Tropical Convection: Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC) II

Presiding: D E Waliser, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech; M W Moncrieff, NCAR

PV generation for the MJO, convectively coupled Rossby and Kelvin waves AU: *C Zhang, J Ling

The heat balance of the equatorial trough zone, revisted: Part II (Invited) AU: *G L Stephens, M A Rogers, Z Luo

Multi-scale energy conversion during composite Madden-Julian Oscillation AU: *L Zhou, A H Sobel, R G Murtugudde

Investigation of the physical mechanisms responsible for the recent MJO forecast improvements in the ECMWF model during the YoTC period AU: *L Hirons, P Inness, F Vitart

ARM Data sets for the Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC) AU: *S A McFarlane, C N Long, J H Mather, R Jundt, M P Jensen, K Johnson, R A McCord

A Multi-Scale Interaction Model for Madden-Julian Oscillation AU: *B Wang, F Liu

Large-scale tropical transients in aquaplanet simulations with zonally symmetric sea surface temperature distributions (Invited) AU: *Z Kuang

Leading modes of submonthly tropical convective activity AU: *G N Kiladis

Evaluating the Community Atmospheric Model (CAM) against satellite data during YOTC AU: *C Hannay, D Williamson, R B Neale, J Olson, D Shea