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Andrew Gettelman, Scientist III

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in climate and specifically the role of clouds in the climate system, and perturbations to clouds through human-induced forcing and feedbacks. My work includes analysis of both data and a range of different atmospheric models, mostly large scale global General Circulation Models. My research has focused recently on cloud microphysics, aerosols and ice phase clouds.

Past research has included extensive studies of the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere in the tropics and extra-tropics. Including the exchange of air between the stratosphere and the troposphere, with a focus on water vapor. The exchange of air (and especially water vapor) across the tropopause is of fundamental importance for predicting the future chemistry of the stratosphere, and the future evolution and recovery of the stratospheric ozone layer. Water vapor in this region also has important radiative feedbacks on climate. Understanding water vapor variations and trends has led me to expand my research to understanding cloud processes and their role in the climate system.

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Andrew Gettelman, Scientist III