Peter R. Gent

Peter R. Gent

Senior Scientist

Oceanography Section
Climate and Global Dynamics Division
National Center for Atmospheric Research
P O Box 3000
CO 80307-3000

Curriculum Vitae

Peter R. Gent

The Oceanography Section's main responsibility is to develop and maintain ocean and sea ice models suitable for studies of climate. It plays an important role in developing, maintaining and using the Community Earth System Model, which is developed by NCAR and the USA climate community. The ocean components of the CCSM4, CCSM3 and CCSM2 are full depth, z-coordinate models that are based on the POP code. The CCSM4 sea ice component is based on the CICE code, whereas the CCSM3 and CCSM2 components are based on the CSIM code. The section also developed two ocean components that could be used with the original Climate System Model-1. The first is a full depth, z-coordinate model, called the CSM Ocean Model, that was used in most of the coupled integrations. The second is an upper ocean, sigma-coordinate model with a Tropical Pacific domain, that can be used for ENSO studies. More information on these various models can be found at these web sites:

Community Earth System Model
CCSM4 Ocean Component
CCSM4 Sea Ice Component
CCSM3 Ocean Component
CCSM3 Sea Ice Component
CCSM2 Ocean Component
CCSM2 Sea Ice Component
CSM1 Ocean Component
Pacific Basin Model

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