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Rosie Fisher, Project Scientist

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I am a project scientist in the Terrestrial Sciences Section working on development of the Community Land Model. My research is primarily motivated by the potential for the biosphere to generate large feedbacks to climate change, via changes in CO2 balance, evaporation and trace gas emissions. Within this, I am involved in the development and testing of new methods for simulating the future of global ecosystems and their responses to change. The development of 'predictive ecology' is in its infancy, and our understanding of ecosystem processes is far from ideal. Dynamic Global Vegetation Models, that attempt to predict the distribution and structure of ecosystems in the future, are thus a necessary but imperfect means by which we attempt to forecast the impacts of global environmental change on natural ecosystems.

My interests currently span a wide spectrum of issues related to the development of simulation models of ecosystem function. Normally, this involves increasing the complexity of a model so that it provides a higher resolution simulation of the real world. Ideally, we hope to find instances where the self-organizing properties of ecosystems allow us to simplify our model structure. Harnessing the emergent behaviour of plants and ecosystems arguably provides the most promising avenue for the development of predictive models of the biosphere. My research currently focuses on the following specific areas:

  • The representation of ecological scale interactions (competition, recruitment, migration) in global scale predictive models
  • The ecophysiology of Amazon Rainforest, with a particular focus on the impact of drought on canopy gas exchange and demographics
  • Mechanisms, simulation and parameterisation of plant mortality processes
  • Interactions between the Nitrogen and Carbon cycles and the role of N limitation in determining the ability of additional carbon dioxide to fertilise plant growth
  • Simulating the co-dependence between fire and vegetation structure
  • Optimality models of 'ideal' plant resource allocation for coupled carbon, nitrogen and water acquisition.

Prior to coming to NCAR, I was a post-doc researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and the University of Sheffield in the UK. My graduate studies were at the University of Edinburgh, where I was involved with a 1ha rainfall manipulation experiment in Eastern Brazil, investigating the impact of drought on the Amazon rainforest. Our experiment is ongoing, and is yielding more interesting results each year. Science media coverage of the research we are conducting with the Community Land Model can be found here, and a discussion of our work on Amazon drought impacts can be found here


  • Ph.D., The Response of Amazon Rainforest to Drought: Edinburgh University. (2005)
  • M.Res., Research in the Natural Environment, Edinburgh University. (2001)
  • B.A., Biological Sciences, Oxford University. (2000)


In review

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Other Publications

Rosie Fisher Recent and Future Advances in Dynamic Global Vegetation Modelling. (2010) iLeaps Newsletter 'Terrestrial Feedbacks and Earth System Models'.

David Lawrence and Rosie Fisher. Bridging the gap between iLEAPs and GEWEX communities: The CLM perspective (2013) iLeaps Newsletter 'Terrestrial Feedbacks and Earth System Models'.

Jeffrey Chambers, Rosie Fisher Jefferson Hall, Richard Norby, Steve Wofsy (2012). Research Priorities for Tropical Ecosystems Under Climate Change. DoE workshop report.

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Rosie Fisher, Project Scientist