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02.02.01 - Available Software:Linux

All linux desktops and compute servers within the division are installed with Scientific Linux, a flavor of the Redhat Enterprise distribution. Machines are typically updated once a month, and CGD maintains a uniform software environment on all systems.

Although the packages are too numerous to list, most of the software you'll be interested in resides in /usr/local. You can also try using the "which" or "whereis" commands to look for a specific package as shown below:

In addition to the freely availble gnu versions, CGD maintains licenses for the following compilers:
Intel - /usr/local/intel-cluster
PGI - /usr/local/pgi
NAG - /usr/local/nag

CGD users share 12 licenses with the rest of the institution. Be forewarned that occasionlly all licenses may be checked-out.

In addition to the standard /usr/local, the CGD cluster offers additional packages compiled specifically for parallel computing under /cluster.

Packages such as NCL, which are not maintained directly by CGD IS, but which are nevertheless important to the division, are stored in /contrib.

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