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Setting Up SecureCRT For Use With A CryptoCard

  • Open up SecureCRT
  • If you are already in the 'Connect' window, highlight your old connection and hit 'delete' on your keyboard or hit the black 'X' in the menu bar shown below (do this only if you have not set up the session for cyptocard access before.

If you are not in the 'Connect' window, you can get to it by choosing File>Connect. You may have to close a different window called 'Quick Connect'.

  • Now in the 'Connect' window choose the 3rd icon on the top menu called 'New Session', or hit <Alt>-n (hold the alt key and hit the letter n). The window that opens looks like the one below.

In the 'New Sessions' window fill in the following information:

  • Type in the Name you wish to call your sesssion (ex: goldhill)
  • Change the Protocol field to read 'ssh2'
  • Type in the hostname you wish to connect (ex:
  • Type in your username or if you leave it blank it will ask for it when you connect later..
  • Make sure under authentication the 'Primary' field is set to 'Keyboard Interactive' and 'Secondary' is set to 'None' as shown above.

After you are done filling in the information hit the OK button. You will now be back at the 'Connect' window. Highlight your session (the one above was called Goldhill) and choose 'Connect'.

  • Type in your username if it asks for it and hit enter. It will then bring up a 'Keyboard Interactive Authentication' window. This is where you will type in your CryptoCard password.

On your CryptoCard generate a Crypto Password, type that number including the dash into the 'CryptoCard Challenge' window.

  • After hitting 'OK' you will be connected to the hostname you specified. On Sun systems such as Goldhill, you will have to hit 'OK' twice.
  • By setting up your session this way, the next time you use SecureCRT go to File>Connect if the 'Connect' window is not already open and choose the hostname you want and hit 'Connect'. You will now only need to type in your name if asked and Crypto Password rather than all the configuration settings again.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please

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