How to FTP

Outgoing Anonymous FTP:

Placing Files on the CGD FTP Server For Outsiders To Access:

CGD's Anonymous FTP server:
username: anonymous

CGD users do not have direct logins on the ftp server for security reasons. User directories are located under /ftp/pub/<username>. You can leave files here for users to pick up when they log in anonymously. These directories are not created automatically, but can be requested from the CGD/IS staff (

Incoming FTP:

A Place For Outsiders To Copy Files So Those Within CGD Can Access Them:

CGD offers /ftp/incoming for a place for users outside of NCAR/CGD systems to place files needed within CGD. This can only be done anonymously, into the directory /ftp/incoming. This directory is world writable, but not world readable. CGD users must know the exact name of the file/directory in order to copy it out - be sure to ask the person sending the file of it's exact name. Once again, this is for security (to prevent CGD from being a software distribution point).

FTP for CGD Users

If you have a CGD account, you can ftp to your home directory by using a secure FTP program (WinSCP for Windows, or the sftp command under UNIX) to one of our Sun systems (neva, flagstaff or sanitas). Use your CGD Unix login and password:


From outside NCAR, you will need to use your CryptoCard to sftp to or

Problems with FTP

If you have problems ftp'ing to another institution, try the program ncftp. Ncftp defaults to "passive mode", which is often the cause of problem when ftp fails to connect to other servers.

ncftp -u username