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Email Servers

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Clients and Protocols

** Note: as of June 2007, CGD has phased out the POP or POP/S protocols for mail.

There are multiple e-mail clients available on CGD servers and workstations. In general, any client that supports IMAP or IMAP/S will work. Text based clients are installed and will work on Unix systems within the Division. Below is a small list of the clients installed and availability on platforms. CGD/IS has confirmed that these work. CGD/IS can help with basic configuration (i.e., enough help to send/receive e-mail with a given client.) Detailed configuration and usage is left to user exploration. For Macs and Windows machines, we have standardized support for Mozilla Thunderbird.

OS Software Style Protocol
Solaris mozilla GUI IMAP, IMAP/S
  mutt text  
  alpine text  
Linux evolution GUI  
  mozilla GUI  IMAP, IMAP/S
  mutt text  
  alpine text  
  thunderbird GUI  IMAP, IMAP/S
Windows thunderbird GUI IMAP, IMAP/S
MacOS thunderbird GUI IMAP, IMAP/S