CGD Computing FAQs

Spam Blocking

Spam is a continually growing problem. There are several methods for mitigating the amount of spam you receive. With any of the below methods, there is a chance for false positives, although none has been reported to date. Open a CGD Work Request if you need assistance or are receiving large amounts of spam.

CISL's Maia Mailguard System

This is a completely independent system maintained by CISL, but is a highly effective way to limit your spam and viruses. Log into Maia Mailguard and enable spam filtering and virus deletion. Please click here for instructions.

Blocklist Filtering

This is a central spam-blocking service that users can set individually. Spam caught by this filter is rejected by the central server and never reaches the user's mailbox. For more information on blocklist spam filtering, click here. For a guide on how to enable blocklist filtering on your email account, click here (PDF file).

Procmail Filters

This approach allows users to write their own filters. This is accomplished rating each individual e-mail for spam content using Spam Assassin. Users can then write procmail filters to rate the mail and either discard it, or re-direct it to a spam folder.