How to Use the WREQ System

The CGD Information Systems Group uses a program called "RT" (from Best Practical) for keeping track of work requests from CGD users. Each work request goes to every member of our staff. The staff member with the most expertise and availability will then pick up the work request. The "RT" program uses a web interface to keep track of work requests and updates to them. This makes it easy for systems administrators and users to keep track of problems and the progress on finding resolutions to them.

Open a New Request

Via Email: The easiest method to open a work request is to send an

Update and Monitor Existing Requests

Via Email: To update an existing request using email, just hit REPLY, fill in your updates and click send. Do not change the subject line.

Via Web: Go to this website to keep track and follow up on your work request. If you use this web form to update your tickets, make sure you use the Reply option, not the "e;Comment"e; option. The Reply mails a copy to everyone on the distribution list. The update option just upates the web page without sending email. This web page is not available from ouside the NCAR network.

Delete Extraneous Information

When updating or opening a request, please minimize the amount of text in your message. This will make it easier to read through the history of the problem using the wreq web-based interface.

  • Delete your signature information from the bottom of the email when you open a new request.
  • Delete the body of the previous message and your signature file when you update an existing request.