CGD Informations Systems Group

How to Connect to Servers in MacOS

In Finder, Select Go --> Connect to Server (or Command-K, aka "Apple-K")

CGD Drives

Connect to the drives using your CIT username and password.

Description PATH
/fs directories smb://
CGD Home directory smb://
Personal Web Directory smb://
Project Directories smb://
Shared drive (everyone's home directory) smb://
Web-data smb://

Folders on U: Drive (CIT Domain)

If you want to connect to a directory that exists under the Windows CIT domain "U" drive, you can't just "connect to the U: Drive" like you do in Windows. You have to connect to the server that hosts the folder.

  • On a Windows machine, find the folder to which you want to connect
  • Right click on the folder and select Properties
  • Click on the DFS tab
  • Use the information under Path to create a smb mount on your Mac.
    For example, if the path in the DFS tab on Windows says:
    Convert that to a samba mount for your Mac:
    *** Don't forget to convert Windows backslashes to Unix forward slashes ***
  • Log in using your CIT username and password

If you have any other questions or concerns, please send an email to the ISG via the wreq system.